Major Gaurav Arya on Iran, a compromised Oli & talk of Pakistan selling three airports to China

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  1. So according to Mr Arya, Nepal, Iran, etc are proud people, proud of their culture, history, etc. where as Indian are not. So India should not assert its stand & always run behind these countries.

  2. Sree Iyer…Sir…Please Watch Youtube Video by DW Documentary…..The New Silk Road, Part 1, From China to Pakistan. Dated July 20, 2019. Very Very Intetesting! It shows Gwadar and Hambantota! Thanks

  3. Well Indians and Nepalis both have taken each other for granted. Even the Nepalis only always have great expectations only from India but will let much worse tresspasses from China or Pakistan slide. Its the age old saying at work here: familiarity breeds contempt. Still, this should be a wake up call for both India AND ALSO, Nepal. We must work harder to maintain a strong bond!

  4. Narendra Modi during his prime ministership has gone to Nepal Pashupati nath temple and did Puja as well. I think major doesn't remember

  5. When country is facing such dangers , Corona , flood etc the opposition is engaged in a venomous attack on d Govt n even the forces ! Police and our work force. ..China never had it so good !
    China attacked India in 1962 when US was engaged in Cuban crisis and now they r busy in a very crucial election, so…. you Nvr know !

  6. We have to prepare to give fitting replies to Pakistan and China History teaches lots of things but due to Congress psudollftist liberals communities Radical Islamist fundamentalists Foreign paid journalists & also at least more than 60 paid media personal who writes we have to unite & fight it is New India It will give them fittings replies see Time will show


  8. We all appreciate Maj. Aryas views and inputs but Humbly, d shorter videos will help as d viewers have some other video’s to follow, apart from carrying out day to day activities . No offense plz.

  9. Be Indian first fo Motherland Ready to sacrifice any extent Past invaders came destroyed ours temples force fully converted their religion our temples converts to THEIRS Masjiid every where so we realized whatever we did Now we have to teach fitting lessons to them

  10. Call major retired not major i would p'efer listening to abhijit iyer mitra instead gaurav a'ya blabber same shit always . . . . . . . . . . .

  11. so the discussion boils down to the same things, hit china economically like pakistan!! today if we can fo this then we can be safe.

  12. Read the first 50 pages of the book called The Himalayan Blunder by Brig. JP Dalvi, and you will come to know our romantic relation with the treaty papers signed with the chinese and how much the chinese actually respect those.

  13. Dude: you guys ARE really full of yourselves. Have you even been to Gilgit, Hunza, Swat, or Muzzafarabad? “Tomorrow, if India takes POK.”…. you think it is going to be that easy? Come, your army is more than welcome to try. You will have your sars handed to you on a platter. Btw, the Gilgitis and the Badashanis will be the first to hand your Sars to you…. it’s almost so funny hearing this major speak… I hope your policy makers are smarter than this guy…. as they say garbage in, garbage out… his whole analysis is based on rhetoric, ideology, and wishful thinking, not evidence, ground realities, and national interest.

  14. Saw it in full, and enjoyed, even though it was long conversation, but every bit of information was interesting 👌

  15. Sree sir I tell you this today that the only way China will understand anything is when their economy falls badly and goes into pits.. bring them to your terms, when a country is economically weak the amount of internal conflicts is endless, and bamm put forth the conditions of making them give independence to Tibet and HK else war is inevitable.. don't forget they have 145 crore people.. if they get affected by poverty it'll be all hell for CCP

  16. 34:00 Visit the Pashupati Nath, Swayambhu Temples and meet local Tibetan lamas too. One more point, the Nepalese Royals have for long had matrimonial alliances with Indians, Marathas especiallty.

  17. …& if my memory serves right..
    This Nepal hate started by RAJIV Gandhi in 1987 ,
    On a state visit to Kathmandu , when Sonia Antonia was kept away entering the TEMPLE,. As this lady was pure Italian then ,
    Hence This fellow Rajiv gandhi got wild and started pushing Nepal in many things, which hit Nepalese people in their heart !!
    Again this Guy Rajiv and Congress started this evil deed in 1987,
    …gradually it has been fueled by sold out Communists

  18. Why did not Mahatma Gandhi fast against partition? In Bengal people believe that Netaji Subhash would have avoided the partition. Why did not Gandhi allow him to be the Congress President after the due process of election but thrust Nehru? Was there s excrete British manipulation?

  19. Many of the well settled Pakistanis settled in the Gulf doesn't want to return to bankrupt Pakistan and they are trying to migrate to Canada, US and Europe.

  20. I came across this video and I think this is probably one of those videos where I agree with Major Gaurav Arya. I don't like his shouting self on Republic TV but I think here he is talking sense especially with reference to Nepal. In my interactions with people from Nepal (I have a sizable number of friends from Nepal) they have always laid objection to the idea of the 'Big Brother' role that India asserts and same is the case with Sri Lanka too (Again some of my acquaintances from Sri Lanka have told me this). They want to be equals and not considered inferior to anyone and we as Indians have to ensure that we treat them as such. I am happy I came across this video.

  21. Sir pls talk about Sushant and Bollywood mafia also. it is nothing less than palghar🙏🙏🙏

  22. If this major is so patriotic and skills thay have why run a way from arm forces thay are presented every like bollywood move

  23. The story of Iran kicking out India from chabhar is a fake news. The Railway line Iran is constructing on its own is because India was never part of the project.

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