Max Amini | Persian Girls | Stand-Up Comedy

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  1. I'm in Iran and this girl used to say EXACTLY that she ain't no typical Persian girl . . . 10 weeks later she got a nose job because of "Breathing Problems" and she has so much make up on that her face shoots light back into the Sun!

  2. I knew several Iranian in LA and they all say: I am Persian. Why they don't say I am Iranian? Persia was way back than in History, now is Iran… doesn't make sense unless you a shame you from Iran? This Guys it's funny, he make fun of his own ppl…xox

  3. I'm a Persian GUY and broke my noise in a fight. It was already fucked up so my insurance paid for a whole Rhinoplasty. The doctor asked me "you wanna make it smaller?" I said no just make it sit straight. He was like "are you sure???" anyway now the air goes esteraight into my headd

  4. I had an Iranian friend who acted just like that: The accent, the nods,little hand waves, the foot stomps, and the yelling. 😆
    I miss her so much! 😕

  5. Lol that's not just Persian or middle ear that's like 80% of the girls worldwide. I never understood why do girls do alp the crazy stuff. Idk the logic behind getting plastic surgery

  6. I'm Persian I went 2 ur concert and I laugh so much the guy in front said are u k

    LMAO LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭🤣🤣

  7. Dammmmn😂
    Only Ur accent when U wanted to speak like a different persian girl😅😂
    Can't stop laughing
    I'm a persian girl but not typical😁
    Great job dude

  8. Had a Persian gf living abroad, PhD studies etc. Would go crazy in bed but her parents thought she never had a bf in her life and was pure and unspoilt in her thirties. Lol if only they knew the stuff their jewel was doing.

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