MetroMania S8 Heat 6 | Persian & Perrserker vs Ninjask and Shedinja (SwSh Metronome Battle)

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Written by Ace Trainer Liam


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  1. Can it be… one of my teams actually made it through?? XD

    Awesome matches though XD Shedninja just wasn't feeling like competing this tournament. Perish song to try to get out, but Perrserker just went and homie stocked them. Took a bit of a nap but woke up to find they were still fighting, so got rid of wonderguard so they could just be done with it lol

  2. Legitimately, I'd love to see more metromania seasons with teams of two different Pokémon against each other

  3. This is a hard match for me to watch, on one side: My favorite regional form of any Pokemon in any game (Perrserker), on the other: My favorite gimmick Pokemon (Shedinja) who do I root for???

    Edit: I'm choosing Shedinja as Pokemon are being sent out

  4. Can we all appreciate that ninjask landed a super affective on perserker that also hit and crit on persian twice

  5. In round 3

    Ninjask: Defense up +4

    Perserker: A foolish miscalculation! Crits with Slash

    Nice job getting around those Defense buffs, Perserker. You really know your stuff.

  6. Bug resists Fighting and Fighting resists Bug. They’re the only 2 types that resist each other.👍

  7. Pardon the puns; this is the perfect match-up to bring them out. This was quite the heat, but in the end, the Bug Busters got busted and the Scratch Cats clawed their way to victory. I still have mixed feelings about Perrserker, but I can't say I'm surprised by these results.

  8. It's a shame because i really like the concept of both ninjask and shedinja.
    And Ninjask is one ofmy favorite bug types.

  9. Perserrker: Uses dig.

    Liam: That's useless that's bad that's dumb

    Shedinja: Uses perish song.

    Perserrker(while under ground):Who's the joke now?

  10. this is like the South Park episode where they play baseball is terribly as possible so that they don't lose their summer both teams are just trying to lose

  11. Take a shot everytime when Liam says "Because of Wonder Guard." You'll be under the table in a matter of seconds…

    And by the way, this was an absolutely mad lad battle. Way to go Purr Purr team!

  12. Lol what just happened in that match?! (Those who have watched this will know what I am talking about.)

  13. This is the one I've been most interested in, seeing if Shedinja can do anything or if it just dies. This could be really one sided

  14. I wanted my 1 hit point boi to win. Literally wonder guard was so helpful. But Persian is one of my favorites so I don’t mind the results.

  15. Big Brain Play:
    Perrserker predicted Shedinja going to use Perish Song in the first round, hence why it used Dig.

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