More Than 400 Iran Activists Demand A New Path In Open Letter


More than 400 current and former student activist have published an open letter warning that the very existence of the ian people is at stake.

In their letter addressed to “academicians, lecturers, intellectuals and social activists”, 410 activists have called for a thorough review of the dominant political and intellectual attitudes in in order to create a unified discourse for finding a way out of the country’s critical situation, a website supporting the ian “Green Movement”, Kalemeh, reported.

Referring to a list of hundred problems and crises is currently struggling with, the signatories have noted, “The ruling establishment’s inability and indigence in addressing national problems and its insistence on minimizing the catastrophes is suffering from, have forced us to leave political traditions behind and use our hearts, hands, tongues and pens to call upon you.”

The signatories have immediately suggested that one of the strategies to exit the current national crisis is a total review of the dominant intellectual schools of thought, aimed at reforming ’s political, social and economic infrastructure.

Rejecting the school of thought that supports reform from the top in tandem with holding elections, the signatories have also dismissed as futile and useless the generalized discourses on the necessity of respecting democracy and civil rights that are not backed by solid plans.

Regardless of theoretical disputes, the signatories have called upon ian intelligentsia to expand their insights in the hope of finding a route towards a “unified national discourse”.

Our concern today, the signatories have reiterated, “is not wrestling each other in intellectual arenas; our problem today is the danger of annihilation that threatens the existence of all ians”.


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