New video shows the moment Iran military shoot down Ukrainian passenger plane killing 176 people

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  1. And what benefit does it serve Iran to shoot down a civilian airline ?It was human error.America is to blame for escalating the situation which lead up to this tragedy .let's talk about America shooting down an Iranian civilian airliner killing all 300 people.Till this day America never apologised or paid compensation to the victims families.

  2. If a U.S. bomber was flying over , they wouldn't have known it untill it was to late to respond. Must have been Harry and Loyd operating the air defence system. It reminded me of the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down in 2014. Think it was the same kind of excuse.

  3. کوس کشها عمدی زدن هواپیما رو. حرومزاده ها خواستن بگن تاثیرات کار امریکاست ولی بدجور بیخ پیدا کرد و شد تف سر بالا.

  4. Justice for Iran. Beware of criminal Islamic regime. This is not the first or the last one. They killed 1500 innocent people 2 month ago. They are enriching Uranium now to develop nuclear weapon.

  5. No confirmation that it was an enemy bomber (just cruising through the neighbourhood)… but hey, it must be a bomber, couldn't possibly be a passenger jet. You dumb mf'ers. You're all liars or complete fools…idiots. I wish Canada hit a some targets in Iran before they had a chance to say it was a mistake. CF-18's that arent too far away. Families and kids… all good innocent people dead and their last seconds alive completely terrified.

  6. This is the missle the Iranian science minister was interviewed by CNN to explain it was theoretically and physically impossible that Iran shot this plane down and it could have been Israel (sigh ).

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