Non-proliferation (Iran) – Security Council meeting

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Written by United Nations


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  1. basically why don't you go find a new hobby because iran has nukes, is developing them, and will continue to develop them, and you zionist imperialists will just have to accept it and find a new horse to beat. or maybe you could find some sense and learn to get along with other members of the world. clowns

  2. The TRUE ENEMIES are those EIGHT Nations with NUCLEAR ARMS – The Animals Among US, breathing death on the world, nuclear powers OUT OF UN, enemies of humanity! Nuclear powers are the Gross Threats to Human Existence! APPEAL to ALL Nuclear States to DISARM or Shut Up, about their lofty ambitions against others gaining threat against these murderers. We need an "IN-Security Council" for the Eight Nuclear Threats. Nuclear Arms are NOT acceptable for ANY members of UN. 187 Nations MUST sanction all countries with nuclear arms – they should be forced to EAT their Nuclear Weapons – STARVE them OUT!

  3. Thanks to all in the security council for their assessments and for the effort in making peace without posturing. Trust development please for all…

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