Okay so the news about Iran “dropping” India first appeared in The Hindu. It’s MISLEADING

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  1. Sealdown the Office Headquarters of 'THE HINDU'!

    Name of the Paper: The Hindu
    Reality: The Anti-Hindu

  2. We need a law against fake news…and all news reported by channels or print media must come under RTI that anyone can file a petition for Knowing the source

  3. The Hindu newspaper is only for namesake Hindu just like his editor is only for namesake Ram.
    Its only misleading in every aspect.

  4. This newspaper is leaded by communists liberal since very long time therefore loosing all it's credibility.
    Its one of the worst for nation's reputation and growth.

  5. लेकिन वहाँ पे चीन बंदरगाह डेवेलोप करेगा ना ओर अपना अधिकार खो भी सकता है

  6. It's all because of Varadarajan….editor in chief of the Hindu….an extreme leftist …..who actively took part in left movement in Britain while he was studying in London… Indian American journalist…..and a propaganda machine who earlier worked for American media house house has a long past of Anti India reporting….Infact all earlier editor in chiefs have been great friends of CPI leaders

  7. 2:05 "द हिंदू की गलत रिपोर्ट से देश के सम्मान को ठेस पहुंच सकती है और संबंध खराब हो सकते हैं। तो ऐसी रिपोर्टिंग क्यों की???"
    महोदय, आपके प्रश्न में ही उत्तर स्पष्ट है।।।😆😆😆

  8. Gadha ko pata hi nahi Voh yeh project or Corridor Tri lateral ha Iran Afghanistan aur India Russia , Iran kya abhi Russia sah bhi takkar lega , Gadha ka liberal log

  9. Ye nhi sudharenge librandu😠😠😠😠😠😠 communisto the wire the hindu actually communisto..

  10. Like my comment. If u find chip in 2000 rs note, and if u got any benifit from 20 lakh crore or from pm cares fund. Jai hind

  11. Not even The Hindu … WION also broadcast the same news … I know The Hindu is a communist news paper … but why WION does the same …

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