Origins of the Jewish People through the Maccabean Revolt (I Survived Jewish History, part I)

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Written by Henry Abramson


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  1. While the Romans in 70ad had Jerusalem surrounded…the deposed Zadoch family partisans fought with the maccabi faction.
    If the maccabi family had only said the prayers correct..then God would have heard them.

  2. Atzmon, Gil, et al. "Abraham's Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry." The American Journal of Human Genetics 86.6 (2010): 850-59.

  3. Maybe 'Israel is wasted; it's seed is no more' means Israel is wasted– excreted as waste– we shat them into Canaan– it's seed is no more [among us]– we got them out Goshen even though a Para had ceeded Goshen to Yaakov as sovereign territory.

  4. Thanks to all jews ! You make the world better and better for us all ! Love from finland ! 🇫🇮🇮🇱🇫🇮🇮🇱🇫🇮🇮🇱🇫🇮

  5. Hello, Dr Abramson – just a quick comment not on this video (which I haven't watched yet) but to thank you for an earlier video on the state of Jews in medieval Europe and their distinct character as being outside the feudal system, urban dwellers following urban trades rather than farmers, and having a 'special relationship' to the king, as well as their place in the medieval economy as money-lenders. You encapsulated these ideas very clearly, and I have been able to use them in some high school history teaching I did recently in England to students with no background in these issues. So, many thanks for your clear presentation of principles.

  6. B"H

    Thank you so much Mr Abramson for your selfless dedication to educating us. Your lectures and generosity in sharing your knowledge with us is such a precious gift that I do not take for granted. G-d bless you and your loved ones always sir!

  7. Read The 12th Planet by Z. Sitchin….the old testament is mainly a synopsis of the history of Shumer most likely verbally passed down for 2-3000 years before being written down.

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