Owner of Limo Involved in Deadly NY Crash Spent Years as FBI Informant Entrapping Muslim Men


When a limousine crashed in upstate New York this weekend, killing 20 people, investigators quickly uncovered a series of shoddy practices by the limo company that owned the vehicle, including a record of repeated safety violations. The limousine that crashed in Schoharie, New York, in the deadliest U.S. transportation disaster since 2009 had failed an inspection last month and was not licensed to be on the road. Now it’s been revealed that the owner of Prestige Limousine Chauffeur Service is a Pakistani immigrant named Shahed Hussain, an FBI informant with a long history of entrapping Muslim men on behalf of the U.S. government. On Wednesday, state officials arrested his son Nauman Hussain, who operates his father’s limo service, and charged him with criminally negligent homicide. In Pittsburgh, we speak with a man who was entrapped by Hussain, Khalifah al-Akili. We also speak with Lyric Cabral, co-director of “(T)ERROR,” a documentary that follows a sting operation targeting Khalifah al-Akili. In New York, we speak with Sam Braverman, an attorney who represented one of the “Newburgh Four,” four black Muslim men who were convicted in 2010 of plotting to shoot down U.S. military planes based on testimony from Shahed Hussain.


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