PARSI Food Tour in India (Rare Indian-Iranian Cuisine) #RockEats

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Written by Karl Rock


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  1. What are you guys eating for Lunch in Lockdown? (This video was of course filmed before Lockdown. I have a ton of content left to edit from before Lockdown. So they'll be a mix of pre-Lockdown and during-Lockdown content. Next week I have a SCAM CALL CENTRE special for you all! We'll interview and INFILTRATE in West Bengal)

  2. As an Iranian I'm really interested in seeing the similarities

    Question for karl : are you interested in visiting Iran after the whole pandemic goes away ?

    Edit : The falooda is so different from the Iranian faloode.
    The Iranian version is frozen in sugar water untill crunchy but not icy and we put rose water and or lemon juice on it and it doesn't have any dairy

  3. I love the kuttaji wearing Sweater. Manu is soo beautiful ❤️.
    Manu: Dont record Video when I am eating


  4. In Iran ، the Islamic majority are burried only in a thin white cloth without a casket so body's can give back nutrients to the earth

  5. Karl you have problem with CAA NRC NPR.
    You have blamed Hindus for Delhi riots in your Instagram stories.
    You can go to your country new Zealand

  6. My mouth is watering. You and your wife have an amazing chemistry. You should do more videos together. It's really great to see your dynamic. I now have to try Parsi food. Looks delicious.

  7. Please At least mention the date or time you visited this place…

    It feels like Karl visited the Restaurant during the lockdown for COVID 19

  8. Why you never Say something about Muslim and about youre Diktator
    Youre whole Religion is bullshit
    In the way you interpret

  9. In bengali culture we have what manu mam called"machrani patri" (or something like that)…we call it "macher paturi"..and it is traditional food …which bengali people are eating since very old time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In bengal you should try it ….bengal is famous for its spicy fish dishes…you should definitely try!!!!😡

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