Passengers injured as US fighter jet comes close to Iranian plane

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  1. That was f**** wrong with the US did them people are civilians innocent people and no one have we need to apologize to the Iranians and to the people that was hurt was hurt

  2. Hezbollah !
    Why do they always get a mention when there's trouble ?
    Because they are fascist thugs and murderers.
    Remember the Tehran student protests 1999 ?
    Remember the thugs beating them with clubs and throwing them from windows ?
    Welcome to Hezbollah.

  3. Israel’s needs has surpassed America’s might and it’s end is near .
    It is petrified because Iran has troops on 75% of it’s border .
    8 minutes to Jerusalem.

  4. USA shud take care of this thing not to harm innocent people of any country even Iran, otherwise world wud start gathering against you..

  5. The passengers are lucky that they weren't shot out of the sky like the Iranian aircraft was shot down over the Gulf waters for which the US never even showed any remorse, leave aside an apology. Did the US ever apologize for nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki or even show any remorse.


    The same attitude still prevails: we are better than you.

  6. Remember Iran shooted Ukraine passenger plane 😠
    I want us in hit Iran army rather than its innocent citizen
    Israel gonna destroy Iran anyway

  7. How stupid job. America always doing wrong with iran. Iran should take revenge it.otherwise they do again same work.

  8. imagine how al jazeera twists the US terrorizing a CIVILIAN AIRPLANE into mahan air violating the holy US sanctions

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