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  1. Do you want to see more live videos with Sally and here friend in the future? Give me a thumbs up so i know. Love you guys

  2. Nice video! Would love to hear their opinion on: Layton, Y edp, Date for men, one million lucky, prada l'homme intense and light blue intense.

  3. Thank you! Please make more live videos with Sally and her friend. Maybe date night fragrances and winter fragrances.

  4. perfect, thank you for inviting persian ladies !!!! perfect …. always wanted to know their opinion (ladies from middle east and hot climate)

  5. Nice Bro. Persian girls are hot af. This is what the guys want. Your channel is going to get so many views.

  6. Instead of the 50:50 screen, give the girls the full screen, and create a smaller box in the corner for yourself. Not that we don't want to see you, but the 50:50 screen cuts off their faces, and We want too see them.
    I like the direction your videos are going, great work my Swedish friend.

  7. My favorite is " Explorer" as well ❤️even after having blu de chanel, uomo intense, perfumo, the one and vercase pour h…

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