Plane crash: Iranian protesters call for Supreme Leader to resign

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Written by Sky News


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  1. RIP to the lost souls, but i think they were sacrificed for a greater good saving more human lives in the process, only God knows how escalated and closer to war we were going to be in coming months, this had to be descalted in some way, sorry it took innocent lives to do so

  2. It wssnt a mistake it was an outgoing plane not incoming. They lied .the west gave them the excuse the of it was an accident and they took it. We made the excuses for them before they admitted it. They are laughing at the west. The missile stricken was obviously and American iran combined play. America told them where to bomb and turned off the defence system. Because it wasnt used . So what's the point in it ? Whole thing is a joke.

  3. Irans military couldnt identify a civilian aircraft. They are so scared of America, they shot down a plane with their own people. Iran blames american adventurism. Americans just need to keep being adventurous till iran decreases its population to none.

  4. I have an Iranian 🇮🇷 neighbor and he’s always said that the people hate the government. They’re happy Soleimani died…unlike how the liberal media reported it.

  5. Lmao Iran was never ready for a war with the US🇺🇸 56 people died in their generals funeral, they killed no one in their 2 missile strikes against the US and they accidentally shot an airplane killing many of their own people. If I was Iranian I would be so embarrassed😂

  6. The reason the British Ambassador was arrested is because he was out on the streets supporting the people who were demanding accountabilty for the crash. This is an internal matter, it has nothing to do with the UK. His behaviour was a clear conflict of interest since the UK have already stated they supported the US decision to murder Sulemani. His actions were motivated by a desire to destabilise the Iranian government.

  7. I'm trying to figure out there no connection b/W Iran's airport and it's airforce? the plane took off at 6am on the day and the authorities are unaware of that?? It's an international airport usually flights and coming in and going out non stop. In this case, even if it was just one plane, the airforce should bloody know about it. Doesn't look seem accidental there more to this story….

  8. The thing people need to realize that unlike western countries were people protest for fun, The Iranian regime is so afraid of a revolution or a military coup much like what occured in 1979,they are willing to shoot live rounds to stop anti government protestors,so these guys are putting their lives at danger.

  9. As soon as I first heard of the anti-government protests in Tehran, I knew that the government would find someone to blame for the protests, then sure enough the British ambassador was arrested but that wasn't good enough was it…so lets watch where things go from here eh.

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