'Political Stunt:' U.S. Envoy to Iran Dismisses Trump Arrest Warrant for Soleimani Killing

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  1. PEOPLE love mosters defend terrorists that murder mass people S 👈 general dirt bag is all he should be referred as. The VICTIMS this man left BEHIND should be TALKED about. The Iranian people differ from their government they do not AGREE much like in China

  2. I never thought my country would be stolen by a sex offender billionaire charlatan. I knew the American people we poorly educated but this is ridiculous

  3. Why not issue the Arrest Warrant on toilet paper? That way we can get some use out of it. Toilet paper's still in short supply.

  4. Imagine if it was considered a war crime to kill a foreign diplomat within the borders of another country. Oh wait, IT IS.

  5. Even at my most politically extreme moments in life, I would never have sided with a country like Iran against any President we’ve ever had. It’s disgusting that so many Americans have let their political rhetoric flame so hard that they actually use this incident against Trump.

  6. Doesn't Iran know that the US can't be a terrorist by definition? The definition of terrorist is anyone BESIDES AMERICA that has oil.

  7. America's been shitting to Iran since they overthrew their democratically elected president. And you wonder why 9-11 happened

  8. how about bush and cheyney?
    is denying evidence and making claims justifying mass murder and theft of resources political?
    or does interpol think there was (real)evidence of chemical weapons belts and wmd's?
    id like to see that evidence. im guessing its a letter saying we have evidence but wont show you.

  9. Iran doesn't have to LOOK foolish…they are FOOLISH! And so are the anti-Trump idiots in this comment section.🤣

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