Pompeo defends limiting access to intelligence on Iran airstrike

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Written by Fox News


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  1. Just come right out and say it–telling those loudmouths in Congress (namely the DEMTARDS)about that sort of thing would simply result in a leak or leaks, to warn the target.

  2. I'm glad Republicans are used to "gotcha" interviews, even fox tries to trap Republicans but thankfully they fail too! Bret never challenges his Democrat friends like this!

  3. The dems leak so bad you Can't even FIX it with DUCT TAPE. So No they Don't get a head's up. Would you tell Your enemy "Hey, I'm gonna slap you now, is that ok ? " No . Because THEY would STRIKE FIRST. Or in this case, AGAIN .

  4. I've noticed you people like to talk about TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome. A bigger problem in America is called TBS, or Trump's Butt Syndrome. People are afflicted with TBS are those ardent Trump supporters who have their heads so FAR up Trump's butt, that they can't tell truth from turd. I hope you are not infected with this dangerous disease.

  5. Love Pompeo he’s awesome and a great supporter of the President and his foreign policy. Trump’s had so many people in circle of influence that didn’t support him and finally it looks like he’s got a good group of people supporting his efforts now! Pompeo is very articulate and is very good at explaining the truth about everything happening around the President and deflecting the negative! Finally an excellent Secretary of State!

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