Prince Of Persia: Redemption Leaked EIGHT Years Ago – We All Totally Missed It

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  1. They used that level in AC Rogue 2014. Obviously no sand reversing, wall running or giant monster

  2. Running away from the Dahaka was absolutely invigorating in PoP WW. I remember always feeling tense and I traversed everything. It maintained the normal platforming of the game but forced speed. Oh my the feeling of rolling through the waterfall just in time to stop the Dahaka was INCREDIBLE! I definitely also loved using the final power in SoT to obliterate all enemies in one shot jumping from one to the next by slowing time for them and speeding time for yourself. I love this series so damn much, I desperately hope it gets a new game (that isn't rubbish)!

  3. God now I feel old!
    I remember getting Sands of Time through games renting service from a website were they mailed the discs to you.
    Which blew my mind at the time, “what a time to be alive!”

  4. As a game dev I think they can make it like an escape puzzle which works with the time stuff , freezing time or rewinding certain objects and they are going good with the combat also the puzzles can use fire , wind or water along with time manipulation although I am an animator I can see a lot of level design potential.

  5. I honestly still love PoP notch higher than AC series.. though linear world, the story, mechanics and actiom gameplay were great

  6. What if you used the time dagger during platforming to defy gravity because the force of running along the wall beats gravity (videogame logic)
    You could use the sand bar as a stamina meter, you could use it to increase jump distance too or something

  7. The Sands of Time Trilogy was my childhood and seeing Prince of Persia disappear in the shadow of Assassin's Creed just hurts my soul.

    The last proper Prince of Persia game was The Forgotten Sands which wasn't even that great and that game was released 10 years ago, I don't even know why UbiSoft isn't using this IP if they don't wanna gamble on a new AAA game then at least give us a Side Scroller like OG PoP and they can easily make one because they have the Tech just look at Rayman Legends or AC Chronological Trilogy.

  8. Man I would of like Prince of Persia it's been so long tho then again still waiting for Beyond Good & Evil 2

  9. First, yes more prince of Persia

    Second in regards to the 'run while stuff collapses' sequences, I strongly feel the best way to make it more interesting would be to add two things, an element of narrative choice and some combat trying to force you into dead ends. For choice you might have to choose between safety or saving a fair weather ally or an additional objective like a key item that you have to do an extra quest if you lose it. For combat have multiple paths through a sequence but liter the sections that are easier parkour wise with enemies that either kill or stall you. Now you are forced to choose my sorta friend is pinned down by gunfire that way, but the map is that way, and there's a vehicle that might get me to safety along the third path and an avalanche behind me, what do I do?!

  10. I do like those road collapsing chase things. They do get a little stale. But one great example that I like is from Jak 3. The bridge collapsed slow enough to jump from the falling pieces. And if you slowed down time there could be multiple in midair to jump on

  11. Unpopular opinion but Warrior within was my favorite one and it's the only reason I believe I ended up finally trying out god of war back in the day

  12. I would love a new game that adds on to the Sands of Time and Warrior Within, not the other ones after.

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