Human Rights

Protect millions of lives in Idlib from attack


More than half the people in Idlib, Syria, have already fled siege, starvation and war crimes in Aleppo, Eastern Ghouta, Homs, Daraa and elsewhere. Now they are struggling to access food, water and healthcare.

Right now, those same people are under attack by Syrian government forces, supported by Russian forces, using internationally banned cluster bombs and barrel bombs. With a full-scale offensive on Idlib looming on the horizon, devastating civilian losses and mass war crimes are likely. 

We must urgently stop a repetition of the horrific attacks on civilians that we’ve seen in other Syrian cities.

Every second counts.

The lives of millions of people are in the hands of the Syrian, Russian, ian and Turkish governments – they are in a unique position to prevent a tragedy in Idlib.

Take two minutes to demand these governments protect civilians in Idlib from attack and allow in humanitarian aid to provide food, clean water and healthcare to those in need.



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