Protests Continue in Four Provinces

22 hours, 7 minutes

Protests against the Iranian government’s sudden decision to raise gas prices continued in at least four provinces on Monday, November 18, after a weekend of protests involving as many as 21 provinces. 

Iranians posted video footage and reports on social media, including a video showing a group of protesters at Aderan junction in Tehran marching toward riot police and throwing stones.

Reports also indicated that security forces had detained several students as they left a university campus.

The Isfahan Vahed Bus Company reported that "nearly 80 buses were partially or completely torched” during the protests.

Authorities warned people not to get involved in the unrest. Kermanshah’s prosecutor Mohammad Hossein Sadeqi said: "Those who set fire and destroy public property will deserve severe punishment.” 

The Revolutionary Guards in Alborz province announced that 150 people accused of being “leaders” of the protests had been arrested.

The head of the Lorestan Banks Coordination Council also said that 36 banks had been "damaged" in the city of Khorramabad.

The National Security Council ordered a complete shutdown of the internet on November 15, and although some people had limited online access by Monday, November 18, the blackout continued in many places across the country. 

Some reports indicate that at least 12 people have been killed in the protests, but citizen journalists in touch with IranWire have reported at least 20 deaths. The Revolutionary Guards said that three members of the Basij, the Guards’ voluntary paramilitary group, had been killed.


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