Protests in Iran over economic hardship

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Written by Reuters


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  1. Protesting in the streets accomplishes nothing except some kind of a stupid show.
    People need to learn the pincer movement attack from both sides like the two horns of a bull .
    sure you might have a little left jab
    left jab
    left jab
    over here in front of a government building but you're right horn is attacking a real valuable government Target.
    a military base .
    and installation.
    an establishment of high-value .
    once you take out their so-called 6 then they have no resupply.
    civilians are stupid .
    when it comes to tactics you cut off the resupply lines first .
    that's the very first thing you do .
    you get in behind the Enemy Lines.
    cut off the enemy's resupply Line's.
    and then the strangulation is easy.
    it's not hard .
    you're not fighting fist of fist
    hand a hand.
    Club to Club .
    combat with the idiotic police morons .
    you cut off their back door then you snuff them out. Idiots.
    Know nothing.
    Read a book.

  2. ww3 has began and will not be fought with ground combat or nukes, ww3 will be fought with numbers, propaganda and sanctions…

  3. Covid truly will run through the population. The ones that survive will come out to a new and beautiful world

  4. Iran is spending very heavily on its proxies in
    SYRIA 🇸🇾
    IRAQ 🇮🇶
    YEMEN 🇾🇪
    and not giving relief to. her people

  5. Iran must B0mb another US base till orange guy haven't left the office, there's no guarantee next be pose like him.

  6. Just wait after July in USA over 30% of renters are about to be evicted. Plus USA gave billions to the rich and ignored most of the Americans.

  7. Build more missiles!!! That'll solve everything!!!
    The government has a direct hotline to God!! Ask for money!!

  8. Literally tens of millions of Americans living below the poverty line while the US flushes trillions of dollars down the toilet in the Middle East securing oil interests that benefit some elites and preparing to fight Israels war with Iran. Meanwhile I see Americans in YouTube comment sections criticizing Iran for spending money in Iraq and Syria and saying they should have spent it at home. The hypocrisy never ends lol. At least Iran has something to show for the money they spent, they played a major role in the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Iraq was in danger of falling, they asked the US for help but Obama didn't care. Qasem Soleimani came and helped them defeat ISIS. Iran did the whole world a favor. Plus ISIS hated Iran even before that because Iranians are Shia, if they weren't stopped and took over Iraq which borders Iran they would have started attacking Iran next. Not only did Iran do the whole world a favor they also spared their own people from experiencing the brutality of ISIS.

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