Qatar calls for peaceful solution between US and Iran

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  1. Good news, biggest ISIS mistake was beheading Americans. Universal golden rules from history Dont attack stronger nation unless you are ready to endure the consequences.

  2. To the brave and suffering Iranian people: I have stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my government will continue to stand with you. We are following your protests closely. Your courage is inspiring.

    President Trump

  3. qatar is the only country in the region that cares about the regional stability and to end the conflicts they are the middleman for afghanistan for yemen for syria and now for iran his big brother saudi arabia should take that as example.
    turn from evil and do good seek peace and pursue it.

  4. Qatar is helping Iran stall for time to build a nuclear bomb to nuke Israel and America. The Ayatollah regime has always been a Terrorist regime. The Clownship of Iran is a liar of liars that have ( never ) told the truth. The Clownship terrorists of the Ayatollah regime has been using 40% of the people of Iran 's oil money to fund terrorism all over the world. That's why America has to fight these redicolious wars in the middle east. We Americans are not stupid inbreeding fools . We see the Ayatollah regime as it truly is. = The funder of Terrorism).

  5. I'm sure this won't happen if Qatar is a majority shia country.. They would work to eliminate him first and he will have no where to go!
    May Allah increase his insight!

  6. You can't shelter terrorists and expect others to respect your severity.
    If Arab countries wanna remain untouched they must evacuate US bases cus soon or later Iran or it's allied will retaliate further US regime's adventures.

  7. There is no peace with bullies. You either stand up to them or you perish. Oman would be marxist today without Iran. Marxism was the only reason thy let the late Sultan remain neutral.

  8. Supporters of Iran's Mullahs regime be like "Long live Iran's terrorism, long live the Mullahs and their terrorist militias in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Who wants to live in peace anyways? Why live in peace and prosperity when you can live in terror and destability fighting for basic rights". You guys should really hear yourself speak out for a minute, take 10 steps back and think about it

  9. Guys Guys, Usrahell warmongering will never stop. If that was going to happen Usrahell could as well sit down with all the regional leaders and bring peace to the region. But I don't believe it will happen. Because military industrial complex needs to produce equipment and make trillions of dollars of tax payers money. So good luck with the peace talk.

  10. Bravery calls coming from those same people who called Syrians brave Syrians, brave Iraqi's, and brave Libyans and now look at the fate of Syrians, Iraqi’s, and Libyans leaving on handouts from aid groups. Lol i guess it will make great primetime CNN news watching with my popcorns Trump's brave Iranians line up for handouts from aid groups.. enjoy brave Iranians

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