Sen. Cruz’s Remarks at FDD’s “The Future of Iran” on Collapsing the Iranian Regime

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Written by Senator Ted Cruz


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  1. I wouldn't be trying to take credit for tearing down the Berlin wall. I'm also a bit skeptical that you can do anything about the evil that is the Iranian government, considering that your own government is considerably made up of pure evil.

  2. How about a big budget holly wood film that glorifies Zarathustraism and pre islamic Persia?
    Iran doesnt want american style government and western values, but they dont want islamic iran either. Send a propaganda film glorifying persia out into the qworld and let the iranian people fight the fight themselves

  3. Sen Cruz, I can't write a comment without it being a 10,000 word essay. I'll just say that you have had, and continue to have my total support in your efforts. I pray that the power swings in the House this election so that maybe you and other thoughtful legislators can lead the charge to correct the problems that were started by previous administrations. God Speed, Sen Cruz.

  4. We need you Sen Cruz as our voice to do something with the anarchy in the Democrat cities. Citizens are suffering

  5. President Reagan was a great President and man of God. Thank you Sen Ted Cruz, for keep sharing true facts and speaking the truth. Liberals lie so much that they can't tell anymore what is true or false. Please Lord, protect our Nation.

  6. Mr Cruz, may God protect you, I like how you express yourself with those security and strength so that they can be heard.

  7. @6:50 Ted Cruz says America should never have done "nation building in Iraq." So we should just destroy that country and just walk away? That is exactly how ISIS formed; filling the vacuum we created. The only way to prevent that is to nation build. Leaving your troops their for the rest of time is not enough. Most importantly, you aren't going to collapse Iran. You can't even collapse Venezuela! Russia and China will give resources to Iran to keep the government in power and you will basically be gifting Iran to them. They will own Iran because you made the country so desperate. China is already planning to invest $400bn in Iran over the next 25 years and will obtain access to all their resources. Good job Ted!

  8. @Senator_Ted_Cruz
    Something major is coming to you , you would better to watch your mouth !
    you Have already seen the evidences …. today your USS Kennedy caught on fire !!!
    Instead of spreading bullshit , take a tissue and wipe out your filthy heritage !!!

  9. I suggest you take care of America first.
    America has intervened in the past and created nothing but disaster.
    Remember 1953 coup d'etat against the lawful elect prime minister of Iran and again in 1979 ,ousting the Shah of Iran.????

  10. Ted Cruz I really appreciate your speech and please Convince my mom and my family in Canada 🇨🇦 Toronto Ontario And I hope you are safe

  11. Propaganda Nonsense. This is why we are loosing to China we have no credibility/soft power. That's why we result to Terrorism.
    Yes- we/America are terroterrorizing Iranian people with Sanctions to force Regime change.
    Ted Cruz doesn't represent Us America. He's a Zionist poppet.

  12. You are such a powerful and clear voice, I'm so glad you are speaking out to us more and thank you for backing our president so powerfully.

  13. Thank you Ted Cruz and may God bless, guide, and protect you, our President, and the Administration! 🇺🇸🙏

  14. It's time for indictments! Not at the end of summer or next year. Now!! Plus Pelosi and other in the Democratic party have committed treason against America's people and our constitutional rights! Time for indictments!!

  15. Thank you Senator Cruz. As a Iranian physicist and mathematician in exile , I admire your courage , vision a intelligence in dealing with the murderous regime of Ayatollahs in Iran. God bless you and America.

  16. I am gonna name some country that has something to with US foreign policy……."IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, LIBYA, VIETNAM, SYRIA, Somalia, YEMEN."

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