Serial explosions hit Iran's strategic cities | World News

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  1. If the us had something to with the oxygen factory that's a disk moove now when patients sick with coronavirus need it the most

  2. To be frank .. india saved iran from israel … But iran ignored india then moosad imidiately attacked iran..

  3. Great Satan here: Hi there guys in Iran. I thought you might be getting a little bored and so I thought I might give you a little taste of some of the excitement I have planned for you when you come to visit me down here. My friends in the CIA and Mossad really worked overtime to provide you with the best exploding fireworks displays possible.

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  5. most probably it's because of poor maintenance due to covid-19 .. lack of work force for maintenance.. almost the same is happening in India but just for industrial sector due to covid-19 work force isn't sufficient to maintain all the industrial problems… Most industries are blowing up spilling chemicals and gases out into air …

  6. peaceful people be like
    "let me find my victim card to blame other countries which does not follow peaceful religion"

  7. Is it the Israelis, Iranian resistance or Americans? Maybe the Chinese trying to destabilize Iran so Iran will ask for Chinese troops to provide security? Possibly, but you should also consider that it may be Iranian radical Islamists who are less than happy that after the Chinese let thousands of their people leave the area where there were epidemic levels of the Wuhan virus and travel to Iran and the atheist Communist Party of China has interred more than a million Uighur Muslims in "re-education" camps , the Iranian government is now making deals with China that are incredibly favorable to China.

  8. Iran has few allies..(China) and like China …has made many enemies…for very good reasons … Like China there is much corruption and perhaps these installations are built with tofu construction methods as well…

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