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Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Level II

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a process for identifying, analyzing, assessing, managing and monitoring potential positive and negative social impacts. The social impacts of a project are the direct and indirect impacts that affect people and their communities during all stages of the project lifecycle.

The MPM aligns SIA with SDGs enabling stakeholders to consider standards and frameworks related to their objectives. Through SIA pathways, members can develop new knowledge on relevant social issues and how to structure the assessment process.

Analyzing SIA paths with MPM helps stakeholders compare their paths with peers and better understand complex issues for developing effective and optimal strategies. With full-featured accounts, MPM enables stakeholders to build participatory pipelines and choose the appropriate indicators to assess and report on social issues.

SIA paths streamline engagement mechanisms in a systemic process that can be carried out in a zero-trust environment for maximum integrity and visibility. Using the MPM, startups can incentivize SIA paths through CRS and aggregate multiple outcomes and outputs from Quests, Bounties, and Builds to improve the quality of social, educational, and labour management. Social Impact Assessment Pathways provide comprehensive consensus mechanisms for stakeholders to participate in a dynamic and bias-free assessment process. QH stakeholders can issue SIC for best practices and accept CoI to support impact-oriented projects.


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