Similarities Between Bosnian and Persian

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Written by Bahador Alast


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  2. Thank you Bahador for the video, I hope the next video will be about the similarity between Balochi and Kurdish, and for my part I can help with that.

  3. Shal-war in persian is literally two words! Shál means lose! War mean pants. This is the word used for khorasuani, baluchi and Indian traditional pants.

  4. In Turkish:
    grater = rende ( to grate= rendelemek)
    fountain/spring = çeşme
    rooster = horoz
    gunpowder = barut
    mint = nane (grandma= nene/nine)
    rice = pirinç
    almond = badem
    prayer = namaz
    liver = ciğer (akciğer= lungs, karaciğer= liver)
    loose pants = şalvar
    spoon = kaşık
    I eat with a spoon= Kaşıkla yiyorum
    week = hafta
    Have a nice week! = İyi haftalar! (good weeks)

  5. Bahador jan in armenian we use the term "randa" rather for a wood polisher/grater. Could it be the same in Persian?

  6. Bro plz do lambadi Vs Hindi Vs afghani .lambadi are native speakers who fled from Afghanistan to Rajasthan then to Southern India typical people we are discriminated on the basis of language in South India as scheduled Tribes ..noone knows the exact history of us .we are once upon descendants of Rajput's now we are exploited and became coolies and deprived of shelter our ancestors made wat we are today ( still we are poor only 5% people re educated remaining are agriculture coolies migrant labours .plz bring any Afghani and compare our language with their .plz make video on us

  7. I'm from Turkey and almost all of that given words are same or have a very close cognate word in Turkish.

  8. Yaaaas! Thank you for finally including Bosnian language 😊 (so many people think that it is the same to croatian or serbian when in fact there is so much differences between them)

  9. buah badam in bahasa indonesia = almond ; buah means fruit ,i read 'buah badam ' once in an old indonesian literature book, actually i must check standard indonesian dictionary that time because i dont know what buah badam is 😁 i think it comes from persian? ,because many persian word in bahasa indonesia.

  10. Good stuff, thanks
    Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of the following words in Farsi please?
    خفن، دمت گرمه، اسكول، آهن پرست، تالاش كرد
    🙂 thanks

  11. I am wondering about one type of poultry bird, each country call it with another country's name:
    Turkey in English
    Hindi (Indian) in Turkish
    Romi (Roman) or Habash (Ethiopian) in Arabic
    Ayam Belanda (Dutch) in Malay language

    Anybody came to know why is this?

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