Similarities Between Persian and Bahraini Dialect of Arabic

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Written by Bahador Alast


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  1. Brother sister 💕 make few videos on Pakistan it will boost your channal in few days

  2. Congrats on getting the channel back Bahador, glad you did. Interesting episode greetings to participants and thank you.
    We use Quuri, nemouneh and Bahlawan in Iraqi dialect yet the word behlawan refers to someone who is very energetic and make things work out, smart and capable. The words above are used less nowadays in Iraqi dialect, we refer to them as Baghdadi old however depends on various age groups of speakers. Funnily "sheereh" is the sugar syrup added to sweets like Baqlawa and stuff, also used for hair waxing lol.
    We also have many common dishes.

  3. Piyale or piyalah in urdu also mean round shape pot or plate.
    Namoona is sample in urdu also
    Mive is kishmish in urdu
    Bahalwaan or pehalwaan is wrestler or big muscle man in urdu
    Sheera mean sweet extraction of something in urdu

  4. I don't know about other non-gulf dialect but I know that in Lebanon (and probably other Levant dialects) and other gulf countries and some Bedouin dialects they also say bas to means stop (e.g. "Bassak Tiji Haretna")

    Shireh/Shira is also used to mean syrup a lot of other dialects (I know I've heard a Jordanian chef use the word) and is similar to the MSA word for it which is Sharaab

  5. there's also many similarities between the kuwaiti dialect and the persian language! we actually do use many of the terms presented in this video which i find to be so interesting tbh, especially that we have a significant slight majority of kuwaitis who are of persian origins so i guess this has contributed to emphasize the similarities between the kuwaiti dialect and the persian language. maybe next time you will make a video about it as well? 😉love your channel 👍🏻💜

  6. Meva, nemoona, dareecheh, bas, piyala, pahalwan are also used in Urdu. Interesting video 👌🏼enjoyed the video a lot.

  7. So it is pyala for cup in Hindi Urdu
    Bimah for insurance
    Namoona stands for a different type of unique, particularly for person reference
    Bas is enough
    Pehlwan is wrestler

  8. How can I participate? I speak Arabic (Hejazi Dialect) but I understand all dialects because they’re the same language 😑

  9. All words used here in Bahrain are taken from Persians , because of multi races in Bahrain because there’re many Bahrainis are Persians originally.

  10. هر وقت اسم بحرین میاد افسوسی به دل میشینه.
    افسوسی که روز بیست و دوم مرداد سال پنجاه ایجاد شد و براحتی خاک بحرین که جزیی از ایران بود رو واگذار کردیم.

  11. ok so all the words that have been used here is 100% similar in my language 'Kurdish' ,and the more closer one to my language is the Bahrain one.

  12. Glad to see you back on the rails again Bahadur. Another great video. Thanks guys

    'Bime' that's what we say for that too, and I understood 'Nemoona', Miva (Mewa), 'Toofang', 'bas', 'pehlawan' aswell.

  13. Interesting, "mewa", have Eastern Persian form for میوه، instead of Western Persian " mive", but how Bahrain got it that way??

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