The beginning of the end of Iran is here

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  1. guess iran hasn't heard of china's "gold" that was not. It was brass or something painted in gold???? LMAO them chinese is slick smh
    WWG1WGA MAGA2020 KAG2020

  2. This is not the beginning of the end of Iran. India only had itself to blame for adhering to the rules implemented by a country in North America over doing business with a close neighbor. Iran is going to do just fine and this propaganda effort will not restore the partnership with India. The only thing that will restore Iran’s partnership with India is India getting the courage to say no to Trump.

  3. Foolish to put all of your eggs into one basket.China will rape your country of its rich minerals and water as they have done elsewhere the is no such thing as free money as the chinese will and do charge high commercial rates and your will always being paying the interest off and not the loan, Iran wake up or become a vessel country to China. They will also want to place troops and arms there.

  4. This is geopolitics! How can you see it as black and white? Iran needs to sustain itself. India had a good opportunity for connectivity. But India bowed to the pressure from USA and left Iran out in the cold. Iran had NO CHOICE but to seek another party that could bring it up. Unfortunately that happens to be China. In the case of Iran I think India is to blame for the losses it will face. Afghanistan is still getting back on its feet and could not have aided Iran.

  5. I may not agree with iran on many things but on this matter we can't blame them, let's this be a waking call for our leader so that they can get our nations priorities right.

  6. CHINA PRESIDENT XI Looks like a fat frog … He must b eating lots of frogs to get that frogy look .. Any Way China is no one's friend its Business Man .. China is for China Only …

  7. Why would any country sign away their lives to China. They must be totally unaware of the danger in dealing with this dictatorship.

  8. This is a world of interests when your interests are under threat the country chooses new partners that's all Iran is doing currently. Take your example, India follow the appeasement policy towards china till your jawans lost life after that India completely sit in USA lap to protect her from Beijing. Slowly India has started isolating itself by engaging in boundary conflicts with all neighbors. For you it is best to resolve all your issues with neighbors to take breath peacefully otherwise your present government left no stone unturned to humiliate India in its region as well as internationally. 😂😂

  9. This reporter is dead on the money 💵. The Communist Chinese will suck what remains of Iran and take Iran’s gas and oil ! But I wonder how the Communist Chinese are going to supply the Iranian people with “water” especially when it’s there most hated enemy Israel who holds all of the latest technologies for do you salinization of seawater converting it to fresh water! From turning air itself into drinkable water! And there’s other technologies as well that could have helped the Iranian people from dying of thirst ! But soon , within the next ten yrs or less , all of Iran will belong to the Communist Chinese government ! ! ! But what Zarif’s main goal was , other than selling out his own people ! Was protection ! Iran thinks that by giving their country to the Communist Chinese , that somehow the Communist Chinese are some how going to protect their nuclear weapons program ! Trust me , it’s not ! When the time comes and news is leaked that Iran is days away from having a nuclear bomb , missile. Every last one of Iran’s nuclear sites will be taken out by a U.S. Israeli operation. And now the way things are looking , might even be a NATO involved operation ! The world I think is finally starting out wake up to not only what Iran’s doing ! But also what the Communist Chinese are doing with there Ideology of complete and total globalist expansionism. Claiming countries as being theirs and claiming that the entire South China Sea now belongs to Communist China ! I’ve only got one compound word to describe it “Bullshit “ and Russia ,being China’s ally thinks that it’s ideology of taking over countries that do not belong to them is going to be the Russians new way of life , and nothing could be further from the truth ! The world is not going to stand idly by While both of these communist countries try to expand and invade other countries that don’t belong to them ! People in governments around the world are finally starting to wake up and fight back against these two totally evil regimes.

  10. Lets not forget that this port is of strategically important for us it's is only way for us to get to Central Asia and Afghanistan without obstruction from China and it's minions

  11. The dragon has seen an injure goat.. and pretend to help..👈

  12. There are many types of persons in the world as when someone is sinking take with him, other one is when someone is sinking stands on the bank and see carefully and walk away from there by whistling. China is like the second type of person. God save Iran and a happy congrats from the people of India for new beginning.

  13. Doesn't China treat any muslim within it's own country badly but wants to be best friends with muslim countries….

  14. Iran identified it's ideology with China in spite of losing all those citizens, all those deaths due to Covid. Naturally the head of the state does not bother about welfare of his people. He has gone crazy. Enjoy!!

  15. Can’t wait to see China throw Iran under the bus for itself like it does to everyone else you are nothing but a tool to them not a friend China has no friends they don’t even see North Korea as a friend just another tool

  16. Which country has the most military bases around the world? Which country has been in the most wars?
    Look up your world history.
    Why also why does everyone think God ( or their god) is on their side. He must be all powerful all loving, and really enjoying watching over (what you all believe are his creations) squabbling over the minutest speck of dust in a vast area of space. If you all could travel a few million light years away from hear, maybe you will all understand how insignificant we all are and what we are all arguing about doesn't matter one iota.
    I rest my case

  17. american sanction , american bullying , and the most dangerous of all democracy the american style. Good Iran will at least not be bombed to democracy like Iraq and Syria and Libya , Afghanistan.

    India just lost an ally which helped india in indo pak war. Indians dont get that saudi is the terrorist pak funding nation and Iran hates saudis .

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