The Disturbing Truth About How Iran Operates

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Written by Thoughty2


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  1. I perhaps should have clarified this in the video but the laptop point refers mostly to foreign journalists. I spent a long time researching to ensure everything in the video was fair and accurate but if I have made any errors then I can only offer my sincerest apologies to all the people of Iran. Regardless, I hope that everyone is able to watch this and feel their knowledge of this beautiful country is enriched. Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Thoughty2 – I didn't really want to watch this episode but I'm so glad I did! Five stars!

  3. The official religion of Islam is Shiism.
    Shiism is a sect/cult and the ayatollahs are the leaders of this sect/cult.

  4. Thank you for making it clear that there's a deference between Iranian Islam and proper Islam ❤️

  5. Okay man many of the points here are wrong. I have been to Iran. That chador is not mandatory at all. It's a choice. What's mandatory is that they should wear hijab.
    That laptop things is really wrong. I saw people using laptops left and right. The only way I can imagine that they can be caught is that they are next to a government building either taking picture or pointing at it or something which is illegal in most counties I imagine.
    These are just 4 mins into the video man.

  6. My man, as a long time follower of your great material… I'd appreciate if you made a video about Mexico and it's decadent government. We need also need help making the world aware of the situation, maybe the international public pressure can help us.

  7. I've been a resident in Iran for a good portion of my life and I can confirm everything you've said about the people, be it the way they live, hospitality etc. is all 100% true. Good on you man.

  8. @Thoughty2 Hey man, What you said about laptops is totally wrong, I'm a student in Iran and I've been using my laptop all the time in public parks and nobody ever bothered me, especially the police. The thing you said about women wearing "Chador" is not forced at all. Most woman don't wear these, the people who wear these are mostly in the minority in Tehran. and Thoughty2 I always thought you were a very well researched channel but now that you made a video about my country with all these inaccurate information I feel cheated. You could literally search "Iranian women cloth" on Google Images and you'd get a more accurate representation of what women wear here, and their hair is not covered at all. You can also easily eat pork in restaurants and trust me you won't get executed, It might not be as easy as the west, you'd have to go find restaurants that offer them and they are not in the official menus but If you ask for it they will serve you, that's cause people who are not Muslim can eat pork and drink alcohol freely in Iran. (Unlike other Islamic countries except Turkey). The things about politics are mostly accurate though. Literally none of the women you showed on your video were Iranian. Like they were Arabs and Afghan but not a single Iranian! not a single one! It's crazy dude I feel like you are doing this on purpose.

  9. "Hey, we Know that we are paid to inform people honestly about the news and stuff, but we will more often than not shamelessly twist the truth and impregnate our completelly bias opinion into everything we put out or even outright lie because we are a business and we Don't REALLY care about informing people properly, we just do whatever makes the most money regardless of if it ends up,say,causing ww3"
    – the media, aparently.

    Seriously, a fucking Hollywood movie has less unrealistic bullshit in it than your average politics or gossip article.

  10. adultery doesn't really end in execution, based on law 4 sane men must see the penetration itself so that you could be charged with adultery

  11. In short their government is corrupt and they are more of a dictatorship like the Chinese Communist party, and all corrupt government's need to be expunged from this world and their people able to live in freedom and to the way they want not the way their government wants them to. To quote V from V for Vendetta, a person should not be afraid of their government, more their government be afraid of the people and the government should ask what they can do for their people.

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