The Iranian Regime Is Collapsing? | Special Report

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Written by Hananya Naftali


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  1. They need a massive political reform, Iran Government is so deep, that they will burn their entire country to the ground before giving up power, change needs to start from within the government, with new laws and removal of the Iranian Guards, stop paying money to terror groups and use their Oil for investment in school, medicine, technology and reconstruction of crumbling cities, sorry but Trump has to go he has proven to america that he has no leadership qualities, he gets booed everywhere he goes no one respect this man.

  2. My comments was deleted so here Im posting new one. Israhell is so desperate to start a war before Trump leaves office and wants to provoke Iran to respond by killing and attacking Iran.
    Israhell is nothing but an apartheid nation and no amounts of money and propaganda cant wash the blood they have on their hands. Israhell is like an abused child growing up to be an abuser.

  3. Another threat that has arisen, is the Islamic republic of Turkey, who now controls Syria and Libya. Plus iran and its terrorist proxies. Plus Russia and China, we are getting nearer to Armageddon!

  4. We hate India but we love Israel. Iranian regime have always been a cause of blocking of Kashmir war if independence.
    Israel has been be true and clear which I like about it but india two faced.

  5. Iran I belong from India
    Plz don't behave childish
    You have much much natural resources
    Don't blindly hate with USA and Israel because Germany also blindly hates India
    But of no worth

  6. USA was nation who put sanctions on India after India defeated Porkistan in 1965 many people died in India
    Plz make a video on that

  7. As you can tell, he is clearly a Semite. And like this ashke-Nazi claiming Semitic heritage, I will also claim African heritage even tho i am white. Thank you for your sneaky tactics! It’s good to learn from the Juden!

  8. This is all foretold in detail if you know how to read ancient Hebrew, Aramaic! It's written in detail times dates places thaal unfolding just as it's written

  9. America and Israel are the two biggest terrorist in the world.. long live the people of Iran and Palestinian people..

  10. The young men and women of Iran need to have interchange a healthy interchange with the rest of the world they know!!! It's been an observation of mine that they do not stray too far away from Islamic law!! It's my opinion the move us should trust them more!! They're not anti anything they won't be a threat to Israel or anyone else! Just don't know why they won't trust their own

  11. Great to hear from you and I hope you are well? I appreciate your reports of what is going on around Israel. How is Prime Minister Netanyahu fairing? I worry that they are trying to destroy him like they are doing to President Trump. Stay safe and healthy Shalom!

  12. Ohhh yea because the last time the USA invaded Arab countries like Iraq, Afganistan and Syria it ended so so well for the people who under new leaders (ISIS, Taliban and Al Qaeda) got so so much more freedom.

  13. Israeli's only seem to conveniently care about the oppressed people by the radical Islamist Iranian government but dont care about the people oppressed by the equally radical Islamist Saudi government. Why is that?

  14. God bless you hananya. Tnx for the work what you are doing. But why did you stop posting on YouTube every weak?


  16. No it wont. Every year the zionists say it will collapse but it still hasn’t theres videos from 10 years ago saying its gonna collapse. STOP ive seen ur propaganda before shame on you liar. You tweeted a locust storm and said it was in iran when you can find the same video uploaded 2 years ago in SAUDI ARABIA . Fake news

  17. I have been following you for a few years and agree with most of what you are saying. But please don't blindly agree with everything Trump says and does he is a dangerous man. Yes his government did move the US embassy to Jerusalem which is a good thing, which more countries should be doing.
    Iranian government is dangerous and its people want change. As all countries run by dictatorships their people want change.
    Keep up the good work hope you and your family are all well 😊

  18. Ha ha – that was seriously funny – verging on insanely funny. Iran is not collapsing. Iran is building bridges with the rest of the world. Further, the people of Iran do not want war – that is insane to suggest so. Both Biden and Trump are anti Iran – it is just that Trump is the best US President the Israel war mongering power structure has ever had. The Israel power structure is in the spot light for its Annexation talk and human right abuses – even a big chunk of the Israeli population are sick about how the Israeli power structure treats the Palestinians and they are super sick about its annexation plans. Further the Israeli people are sick with the CORRUPTION of the those at the top of the power structure – this is no lie – look it up in Israeli newspapers – it is written about in depth. Netanyahu is under investigation himself. Netanyahu boasts about how he is in control of the US – this is because he holds Trump in the palm of his hand – think about it – would you be happy if your leader answered to mafia from another nation? – is not this a form of treason – think about it.
    It is completely spineless to block someone from a channel if you do not agree with their view point – to do so shows lack of integrity and that one has a propaganda agenda. One Love to the Israeli people – you need strength to deal with your problems. We are all the same flesh and blood and we should unite and treat our brothers and sisters with respect – those brothers and sisters include Palestinians, Iranians and Americans – we should unite against the war mongering antics of power structures. Say NO TO WAR. Say yes to LOVE.


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