The TRUTH Behind Iran Plane Crash and Protests

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Written by The Young Turks


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  1. I suspect America hacked into the Iranian Missile Command and caused the downing of the Ukrainian flight. The covert action was intended to subvert Iranian spies entering Canada, distract from the assassination, and regain the moral high ground. I don't even know the Russian missile system used and I can imagine ways of either mimicking a signal or the use of malware to change targeting parameters at a certain time of day  to coincide with a know flight. All you need to do is pressure the missile operator to press the button. Since when does a slow moving and climbing passenger aircraft look like a supersonic cruise missile, and when does Trump give anyone the benefit of the doubt?  He said after the downing of the aircraft  "Maybe it was a mistake by the Iranians". The Investigators are going to find this all out Donald, so you better come up with a better distraction, but maybe don't kill so many people next time.

  2. I was shocked when I found out that the greatest country on this planet does not have a free medical system for all its citizens. What cure them when you can send them to war and kill them is what I gather the American way is. Reality is you may be. Powerful but it’s ending incase you missed it the other night Iran’s missiles could not be detected by your best defence systems. That why every one wants russian systems. Us ain’t working just like their planes that drop out of the sky. Greed is destroying you…

  3. Why are we even talking about Iran?! Why is all this going on, plane shot down, Iran Govt shooting protester??! Cause Trump killed an Iranian general to start a war to get our eyes off his impeachment & boost his rating for a 2020 reelection!


  4. Since Trump says he supports protesters, Every American should be protesting Trump giving Israel 10 MILLION per pay of our hard-earned paid taxes when Israel is so super wealthy that EVERY Israel citizen gets FREE health care while Americans do Not.


  6. Before killing of soleimani! last month Islamic republic killed around anywhere from 300 to 1500 protesters. Iranians dont want to live under an islamic theocracy. This is the truth of the matter, and im an iranian myself. btw what TYT also fails to tell you is that this was the most liked persian tweet in history of twitter.

  7. Ana on Iran when news first breaks that they fired missiles into an Iraqi base:
    "Iranian government are rational actors"

    Ana on the Canadian Prime minister confirming that the Iranian government shot down a passenger plane:
    "well its WESTERN nations confirming the plane was shot down, nothing is confirmed" MAYBE IT WAS THE USA? HMMM?

    *Iran admits themselves that they shot down a passenger plane.
    Ana: "errrr…. look TRUMP!"

    Yeah yeah yeah. We get it TYT. You will bend over backwards to twist news to support your narrative. Its not working anymore. Apparently you forgot about Neda and the last time the Iranian Muslim regime clamped down on protestors and women who want true freedom. Literally shooting an innocent woman through the neck. The Iranian government is a terrorist organization in power. They've been oppressing women, and the LGBTQ community forever. Is that what you support? Hmmmm? Forget Trump, forget the general that was killed – the women of Iran have been oppressed forever now. Is that what The Young Turkish Network supports? Oppressing women and gays?

    Yeah, I thought so. "Progressives" and Muslims make odd bed-fellows. The name of this network doesn't surprise me anymore, and no, it is not named after a Rod Stewart song.

  8. ask yourself which countries are the refuge for larceners of malicious regime. mullahs have got there visa and there palaces already are ready in western countries when it comes to escape. there is no such thing as sanction world is going to face many cataclysms because malicious inherited the earth.

  9. Its a real shame that 50% of the country will never watch this video, i live in a part of the country where Rush Limbaugh Glen Beck and Shaun Insanity is on every single talk radio station in every market here anf Fox propaganda is on 70% of the TS in my neighborhood brainwashing people with right wing establishment horseshit! people where i live have no idea who the Young Turks are or Kyle Kulenski ,Jimmy Door Aarron Mate on the Grey Zone project or Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight, Status Coup or Rebel HQ ect. They read establishment newspapers and watch cable news propaganda so they are carefully feed a Manufacture and Concent narrative for more endless war that keeps the millatary industrial complex flush with work and so many are fed pro establishment talking points which is whay so many people continue to vote against thier own best interest and the planets.

  10. You literally showed a crowd of protesters being dispersed with tear gas and called it unbelievable violence… the same scene in any ‘Western’ country would be called Friday. Tell me this, how many school shootings did Iran have in 2019? This is all projection. When you live in a violent culture you begin to see the world through that lens. Because America doesn’t care about its people you automatically think Iran doesn’t care about theirs. Despite sanctions, Iran has universal healthcare for all its citizens, does the US?

  11. Iran has a left and right as well. The Iranian Government is considered Conservative! Mixing Government with religion is something Conservative around the globe desire. After all, they keep trying to mix religion and Government here as well so really the Conservative movement wants a state ruled by religious doctrine with harsh punishment for those who don't conform. I find it funny how the Americain right would prefer the Mulums be more progressive and less religous but they themselves want to live back in the dark ages where religion rules.

  12. Trump's slapping all types of sanctions on Iran; China and Russia are gonna come to that country's aid (if it didn't already).

    He's gonna force everyone he hates into terrorism then wonder what's going on when these terrorist groups actually find a way to get at him.

  13. The people who protest against the government put their lives and their families at risk. Those who went to support the government after the Soleimani's death got free food, drinks, transportation, raises, and coverage. These two DO NOT have the same weight. There never was a true moment of unity. It was the government's propaganda as it has been for the last 40 years.

  14. Does aspiration agree with The Young Turks that the American government is responsible for Iran shooting down the passenger plane? You were pushing your conspiracy theories as few days ago what happened to that? Hey Alex Jones take accountability.

    Don't believe Justin Trudeau you say. The plane wasn't shot down the Western governments are just lying about it. Be skeptical, your words Alex Jones

  15. Funny how Iranian and Hong Kong protesters for freedom seems to like Trump and contradict your narrative. People in Iran are refusing to step on the American flag; that's a pretty clear message. Do you hate Trump that much that you have to criticize him even when he is supporting people in Iran who wants more rights, especially women and gay people who are second class citizens there.

  16. iran is still better than the american who has indirectly cause MH17 blowup by missile and refuse to admit ukraine culpability?this is a sort of karma for ukraine moral decadence?

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