Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran

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Written by Fox News


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  1. It not right that innocent people lost their lives, even soldiers from all countries.
    Nothing has been accomplished to date between Iran, USA and EU, apart from hate speech, any fool can do that including pointing fingers.
    It's really time to do serious talking.

  2. America stands with the innocent Iranian people, their regime has caused enough for both sides. We’re to blame partly for this regime, so we definitely should continue supporting the Iranian people!

  3. If the Iranians topple their regime and replace it with a democratic, modern government, everyone has to give credit to President Trump for solving the Iranian crisis.

  4. Gtfoh we've watched the Iranians burn American and Israel flags for over 3 years now all of a sudden they are pro Israel and America🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Fox news is faking news with propaganda, their hate for US and Israel isn't going to disappear after a lifetime of hate🤣🤣🤣🤣 lies lies lies 👎👎👎

  5. Fmhell yea now let the liberals see how much these people truly hate their leaders since they think that love they had for general salami was genuine when it was love out of fear.

  6. this regime is not capable of changing, so ppl of iran wants them out. by getting a juicy deal i hope usa doesn't help mullas stay in power. remember 1953 u over throw our beloved and elected prime minister. so U OWE US at least one favour. DONT HELP these killers stay in power.

  7. What the hell, trumph is watching! He is watching thousands of protestors who are against the regime!
    And he can't see the millions of people who is attending soleimani's funeral to showing worlds that they are with their regime and love the revolutionary commander ! Who sacrificed for the sovereignty of their regime !

  8. Please God help them, it is a high time, they must leave, enough is enough!!! Mr. President please help whatever you can do for my people as they are powerless without any support! Your exs had assumed that the Islamic regime would be good for Iran in 1979, which was the biggestest mistake of the USA of all time.

  9. Iranians: The American people do not want you to be harmed! We love you and want to help you to be able to think freely on your own and live your lives as you believe is best! Stay strong! Believe!

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