Trump Authorized Killing Of Top Iranian Commander 7 Months Ago With Conditions | NBC Nightly News

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Written by NBC News


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  1. All the sepals are getting sidetracked from the most important thing chemtrails and morgellons that's affecting all humans the dust that's in chemtrails are like little aluminum particles that can be sapped and start fires easily? That's what they don't want us to think about!

  2. First of all, your reporting didn't "break" the story nor is it exclusive. Secondly, so much for Trump being "impulsive" with "no plan". This is why most of USA hates news orgs like you. We could care less under what conditions this thug was taken out. You're so busy [once again] [yawn] trying to take every word, sneeze, tweet or fart this President says and nit picking about it to understand that most of USA could care less about your nit picking and we are glad our President had the balls to punch Iran in the nose finally. Please, especially Kiera, get a life.

  3. "trump authorized killing of top iranian commander 7 months ago with conditions"
    so… there was a quid pro quo. is what youre sayin.
    i'm just kiddin. i'm just screwin with you idiots.

  4. Revelation 14 verse 8 This is a false flag, because the first thing they did was take away his power to act. This is why there will be no response to the destruction of America… Get ready here it comes.

  5. Trump: "It might could've possibly been an imminent threat, in a hypothetically speaking sense, based on specific information that we don't have, but we know was real. I hope that clears everything up."

    The State Department has stated that it received no information or warnings about an imminent threat to any of it's embassies.
    Let's be clear, If the State Department is saying that they received no warnings or information about an imminent threat, that means there was definitely no imminent threat at all. And anyone who has ever served overseas at a US Embassy knows this. Because if there was an imminent threat as Trump and his sycophants are claiming, but yet they failed to alert the State Department and our embassies, then that is a serious problem.

  6. as usual with anyone Corrupt, this POTUS PIG has many cards in his pockets to pull out in …dire times. it turns out 7 mths ago was the go ahead for this Iranian nutcase, but he played it ONLY when a distraction was needed but as usual totally screwed IT UP. this PIG will never learn!!!

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