Trump Kills #1 Enemy Of Isis In Iran, WTF?

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  1. no one can defeat trump in november. simply because he will be SELECTED again…..the same way as he was SELECTED the first time. people voting is nothing but a joke material for all of us observing american politics for decades……it's even more laughable reading (or watching) the same american nobodies proclaiming "we are awakening" hahahahahahahahah

  2. I dont know if Soleimani was the main target or not, but I do believe there are a couple of points worth mentioning. An Ameican contractor was killed, so the US targeted weapon depots of Hezbollah. That seemed to be what started this. The Embassy was attacked, Iran claimed it was not behind the protests. However a person named Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (deputy chief of the PMF, the ones who attacked the Embassy) was in the car with Soleimani when the drone attacked it. I believe this story is more complicated than either side cares to admit. I dont believe Trump wants war with Iran because it is not a popular move to make. Iran likely doesn't want war with the US either. So all the people scared of the draft can chill.

  3. The Israel hater, fake Jew, Maxi Blumenthal is a piece of human trash just like his daddy. "Jews" like this are a lot worse than the real nazis because those are at least out in the open. But a cocksucker like this tries to create hate from within.

  4. Let's cut to the chase guys. The purpose of war is and always has been, to steal the wealth of other peoples nations.

    The US industrial military complex (US weapons manufactures and could not exist without the proxy wars waged from the 100s of US military bases spread all over the so called free world (US colonies).

    Who benefits from all these proxy wars that render destruction and mass murder in would be socialist countries that put the well being of their people before US interests, to protect US "interests" (corporation profits)?

    Well certainly not the ordinary honest working American people that have to pick up the trillions of dollar bills (taxes) to fund these illegal wars. In. Check out guys like John Perkins (retired US economic hit) and Noam Chomsky (retired MIT professor and interlectual) and Noreena Hertz (Cambridge economics professor) book The Silent Takeover, etc…………

  5. Hail Jimmy, Max & TJDS Crew..
    Another great factually informative set ✊
    American Proto-Fascist Evangelical Exceptionalism mixed with Zionist/Wahabist Ideology is the true Evil Axis of Global Terrorism

  6. @ 2:40 Trumps base has been thinning out??? And that's after u mention momentum gained from impeachment? Your a fkn Parrot. Repeat, Repeat..Brawk!

  7. Then @ 7:50 he goes STRAIGHT CONSPIRACY….. Neo right wings who WERENT in power created a plan to RULE THE WORLD….. MUAHAHAHA! 🤦‍♂️

  8. After almost two weeks, this video is already showing how fucked in the head some of the Blumenthal's comments are – and Jimmy gives this mouth breather a platform for his propaganda. Soliemani, veteran of the Takeover of the US Embassy in Iran in 1979. There are pictures of it! Nonetheless, Max wants to suck him off in death. Fuck off TJDS!!!

  9. Your worst show Jimmy, I live in Switzerland and I love your show but today I’m sorry you become a real snow flake. Dino

  10. Trump left the JCPOA simply because it was Obama’s achievement. Then Trump employed “maximum pressure” in hopes of securing a better deal than Obama so he could show him up. Pompeo and the neocons encouraged him to do “maximum pressure” because they knew it would do the opposite and lead to war and with that regime change which is what they want.

  11. Max Blumenthal is one of the best. A real journalist with insight and intergrety. I already have his book (Management of Savagery, a trove of information. Great show JD))))

  12. He is popular worldwide. Alone in India at 400 locations they organised protests condemning his terror by the US burning the US flag.
    Wait and see how the war with Iran would trigger a strong worldwide reaction.
    A big hidden and worldwide surprise is being prepared for the US and its allies.
    To have many corrupt governments backing the imperialistic ambitions of the US and its puppet allies doesn't consider the fact that people and their power will be the determining force in such a fight.

  13. Do you realize the citizens of Iran want freedom from the islamic tyrants running the country? Why do you think Trump told Iran NOT to hurt their protesters? He is on the side of freedom and the people. I have not forgotten NEDA who was shot while protesting 10 years ago. Iranian women wore mini skirts in Iran 40 years ago now they are covered head to toe and living under sharia law. You people are so misinformed and tainted by your prejudices that you cannot see truth. The youth of Iran want to be FREE! They now have new courage to fight. I hope they use this opportunity to push for it.

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