TRUTH or MYTH: Persians React to Stereotypes

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  1. Never been so early before. Just wanna say I love your work Marina ❤️ Your vídeos are very fun way to break down cultural barriers and learn about other cultures

  2. Thank you for a wonderful time and the great experience! We really enjoyed it a lot! There is certainly a lot more to talk about and elaborate on, but hopefully we were able to shed some light on these common stereotypes. If anyone is interested in more cultural videos, have a look at our channel!

  3. Hi Hi, I liked it.. and I agree this is the stereotype, and just these few wonderful Persians talked about their opinion on the stereotypes 🙂 one of the stereotypes is about women being bad drivers, we’re not 😀

  4. Happy Thursday Marina! Hope you're doing well and great video this as your videos are always entertaining. Personally, I find Persian 🇮🇷 women stunningly beautiful. A big hug from Miami, Florida 🤗

  5. Persians are different (for men and women) like us Americans. So that is why, we people would love to meet humans who are Persians and welcome them into our home country, the United States of America.

  6. This was great. I am so glad you had Bahador on there. He's one of the best people I can think of when it comes to explaining anything Iranian.

  7. Recognized Sara and Bahador in the thumbnail right away from Bahador's channel! Everything in this video is spot on! lol

  8. 5:14 I heard that Iranian women get nose job to shrink down their nose, but this is funny to my folks(Taiwanese ) cuz we think big nose is beautiful, I always jokes that if Iranian woman comes to Taiwan they immediately gets goddess treatment

  9. 8:08 one thing about Iranian accents that I noticed is that there is a random “eh~” before some word that start with the letter “s”, and of course! The w becomes v thing and “ai” sounds like “ahy”

  10. No mention of Taarof, the Persian manners/etiquette/politeness code. Very similar behaviors to us in Georgia (and I would guess Armenia too), although we don't have a specific name for it or some sort of even informal codification. Perhaps the Georgian colloquial term სიტყვა-პასუხი (sitqva-pasukhi, lit. word and answer) might be the closest thing.

  11. Yet another great video! I had an Iranian/Persian co-worker, she was hilarious. But, my God, the hissing I got from her when I first mistook her as being Arab! She even spat on the ground. "Honey, I'm Persssian!"

  12. 💯 for Neema's mimics 😂 I find the Persian accent so funny, melodic, yet it also feels so close to home.
    Love and Peace from Turkey ❤🕊🇹🇷

  13. I totally agree with Mazi on the accent comment.. I wouldn't call Persian accent "funny", but it is unique for sure 🙂

  14. I met few Iranians and they are mostly quiet people, very focused and educated, also kind of friendly but different from Arabs definetely. And also I met some Iranian girls.. very beautiful and educated but.. but maybe I did not have that click with them.. I don't know, hard to say.. I prefer my latinas girls..

  15. we want you to know we are compleletly different from wath you think my friends specially in fashion,education,sense of humer and …
    I hope someday you can come and see our pure and top level culture

  16. 6:02 Totally agreeing with Bahador. Iranian women are easily some the most beautiful in the World (alongside with the Portuguese women hahaha 😉😁).

    And this video just shows, not only that but also, how nice Iranians are and how much good humour they have.
    It has been a delightful experience getting the chance to clarify and improve my knowledge regarding the Iranian culture (and others) thanks to Bahador. I really recommend his Youtube channel to everyone!

    Cheers from Portugal! 🇵🇹

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