U.S. News Coverage Of Iran Laughably Horrible

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  1. Everyone's talking about what Trump did, as though he were unique,. No, folks, this is what America did. This is what American presidents do.

  2. I wouldn't be shocked if they claimed he had WMD's in his back pocket. EEEEEEVIIIIIIL, is way overused by Americans, and underused when referring to themselves.

  3. Re: Ukraine fight that was brought down in Tehran: I believe an enemy (not Iran) shot this plane down as revenge for the ballistic missile attack on American air force bases.
    Why? There is a video from the streets of Tehran showing the missiles rising and hitting the jet. How come some citizen just happened to be filming that portion of the sky at that time unless he had prior knowledge of the attack? The place where the plane came down was also filmed. What a coincidence! News sources say the exact time Iranian Radar made contact with the plane was recorded. What? Are we able to monitor the radar in Tehran? And isn't every plane that takes off monitored for flight path? Ever heard after a crash "the flight suddenly disappeared from Radar".
    This attack came a few hours after the ballistic missiles were fired. The Iranian missile system was hacked and the jet brought down by an enemy, perhaps America or Israel.
    The US has a history of missile attacks on passenger jets. The Vincennes operating in Iranian waters shot down an Iranian jet (Airbus 300) in 1988 that was taking passengers to Mecca for the Hajj.
    In 1996 TWA 800 was blown out of the sky over Long Island, most witnesses saying they saw streaks ascending towards the aircraft right before the explosion.
    It is most likely in my mind given the circumstances that this missile strike was achieved by hacking the Iranian missile controls.

  4. Jimmy
    The video clip guy who made your and Bernies clips (before they kicked him 😩), you should ask him to make a clip comparing the Iraq Propaganda from 2003 and the current who spell the same BS like the former Liers

  5. America’s entire existence can be related to colonialism, expansionism, racism, slavery, and war.

    What our corrupt politicians and MSMedia is deliberately hiding the truth is the fact that Iran led by General Soleimani Iraqi militias, Syrian army, Hezbollah, and Russia were the main cause of the defeat of ISIS were heavily supplies with US-made weaponry. They sacrificed the most for the world to be a safer place and saved tens of millions of people in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon. Trump just did the worst thing imaginable and has galvanized hundreds of millions of people from India to Russia with the assassination of the Iranian and Iraqi generals.

    Never forget, ISIS evolved from Al-Qaeda linked groups that the US, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf Arab monarchies, and Israel supported for regime change in Syria.

    Trump is another lapdog to Saudi Arabia and Israel. They along with the Military Industrial Complex are the only ones who benefit while the rest of the world suffers.

  6. The real enemy of the American people is not Iran, or Syria, or Venezuela, or Russia, or China. Guess who the real enemy is.

  7. The Ben guy actually says that "Israel drove them to commit more suicide bombing." That's like saying stricter policing makes gangs commit more violence. Secondly, he is committing a bias of low expectations towards Palestine; as if Palestine is reactionary children incapable of acting in self-interest. So on the surface, this guy seems to be sympathetic to the plights of Palestine, but on a deeper level, he actually has given up on Palestine to act like a group run by rational adults.

  8. One american in violation of title 18 USCA died while committing a crime that carries a sentence of "not less than life" and "not more than death" in Iraq while he trained ISIS world terrorists funded by the UK and USA.
    So the US politicians decided to kill a man who was policing for the world. He was a man who killed rapists and child killers so he was killed by the Pentagon in order to help ISIS. ISIS IS FUNDED, STARTED AND FOUNDED BY THE US Congress and the CIA and the UK just like Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Its time for the troops to step up and take over, kill the generals and CIA and NSA and all of congress and then bomb the UK and Australia into the stone age.
    Its time for the troops to take command and terminate the problems.
    Its time to get rid of Saudi Arabia and the UK and Germany. Its time for 1776 again.

  9. Hey jackasses. This wasn't a little boy scout helping old ladies to cross the street. He was a well known terrorist for many years with a track record of killing a variety of people from different back grounds. Regardless of the fucking intel who gives a fuck just be glad the asshole is dead and move on.

  10. They've been pushing bogus FISA applications for YEARS. Obama weaponized every institution for the purpose of SPYING on anyone he wanted. You are blinded by your own hatred. Typical lib.

  11. Fake news at its best hahahahaha they always lie Jimmy !! No one is listening to this dying out Corp news !! And they use the U.S.soldiers as human shields old trump don’t care about the pons the grunt the no ones hahahahaha it’s only the 99 percent that are used as human shields the 1 percent always hide out in bunkers and far away from the battle

  12. its not about making it work…its about profit for the war machine…making peace is not profitable…enough…chaos makes maximum profit…!!

  13. Guys what about you talking? All your foreign policy problems make by Israel and juwish people who have more money than all 290 million us citizens, you should help your country to be free from that people 🌹🇮🇷⚘

  14. They get paid Alot of money to repeat those lies every day Jimmy. That's why they do it.
    They are addicted money.
    So they'll say and do whatever you tell them. These people do not have a soul. They even lie to themselves to justify there actions.

  15. as soon as NPR started running commercials for Monsanto i knew they were corrupt beyond repair. haven't listened to that propaganda in years.

  16. Max Blumenthal is pretty good but he continues to fail to understand what trump is really doing
    He’ll work it out at some point

  17. I wonder if two weeks later looking back at the things they said and seeing iran killing their own citizens in the streets, if these guys ever feel silly about the things they say

  18. Can honestly say that whole segment was twisted and way off. Another Blumenthal leaves out information. Must be the name.

  19. Esper and trumps other appointee's are also former lobyists for the the weapons industry, it's been reported on on watching the hawks.

  20. Has there been any confirmation who this “contractor” was? Or just another nameless face to help the narrative along?

  21. Reminds me of a woman I know that killed her husband with a preemptive strike to the head with a hammer. Um ya did not go well for her in court. :]

  22. Jimmi Dore: "The US has continued to set the Middle East on fire since the '50's …..when has it ever worked?"
    me: Looks at US Looks at M.E. Looks at corporations Looks at the political class Looks at billionaires Looks at media

    Looks like it worked out just fine for those mofo's. Their shit never gets demonetised, why wouldn't they keep stoking the embers and adding more fuel?

  23. Max Blumenthal is one of the best. A real journalist with insight and integrety!! I already have his book (Management of Savagery, a trove of information) Great show JD.

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