U.S. troops describe moments Iranian missiles hit Iraqi base

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Written by CBS Evening News


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  1. We shouldn't even be there to begin with. Its their country and they don't want us there. Take a hint and leave and let them do their thing. These people have been terrorized by the US military far too long.

  2. Honestly all this tells me is if they wanted to they could've probably wiped the base out. Granted I'm not sure if an anti-ballistic missile system is in place. I don't think they want war at least not full blown.

  3. Iran missed on purpose, they don’t want war especially with America. As it’s goes Iran told Iraq, and Iraq told us all on purpose. A dozen missiles and hit no one, would have been a easy war if true. Seeing that plane they shot down, they must have thought the warning didn’t get through, and they hit our troops.

  4. Nobody died cause they knew Iran was going to bomb them . Iran informed irack hours prior to launching the missile attack and of course irack warned the USA .

  5. Iranian prime minister call the Iraqi acting prime minister then he told the Americans to remove your soldiers Iran did this as a symbolic gesture pretty soon they're going to get their way because the Iraqi government is basically an Iranian government in Iraq they going to kick out all of the soldiers through political means

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