UK, France and Germany to trigger dispute mechanism in Iran nuclear deal

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  1. “When goods don’t cross borders, Soldiers will".
    Frederic Bastiat. If Europe is smart, It will start to counter US sanctions with more trade with Iran and financial lifelines (money, euros), if we don't want a regional crisis to affect us as much as anyone.

  2. Whites who have historically abused and killed non-whites, and are the only people to have used nuclear weapons on non-whites are demanding non-white nations not to develop nuclear weapons.

    What great hypocrisy, they are in no position to make such concessions.

    Iran must actively develop nuclear weapons – it's a tragedy that they don't have them already.

  3. Excellent news. Now Iran can develop nuclear weapons. If Iran had not trusted Eropeans's eight years ago it would be a nuclear power and Americans would not dare assassinate the Iranian general. O vengeance!

  4. lol Is this a joke? The US pulled out and they did nothing. They expect Iran to abide by it while still being sanctioned? NEVER trust the European governments and the US. Ever.

  5. in all honesty it is IRAns fault for sticking with the deal when USA VIOLATED the deal, they should have send a message by completly backing off. rather than begging EU to provide relief.
    ahmadinajad was right. and this ayatollah is too weak to stand against such antics of the team SUPPORT ISREAL.

  6. You are wasting your energy and time talking to mentally ill Western leaders . They want only them to be able to shower their NB on others with lots of LOVE . They have proved their sincere love by using their drones firing missiles to exterminate people mercilessly with impunity. Keep your mouth sealed and just nod your heads each time they dictate to you what you should do . Reply with "Yes no problem we are thinking , always thinking " !! Enjoy your get-together .

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