Unidentified aircraft attack Iranian targets in Syria, kill 12 – report (

A total of 12 members of a pro-Iranian militia in Syria were killed and Iranian targets were destroyed overnight in an airstrike by unidentified aircraft in the eastern Syrian city Deir ez-Zur, according to the Syrian Human Rights Survey Center.Vehicles and ammunition were destroyed in the airstrike which targeted a militia reported to have reinforced its forces in the region three days prior.The report claimed that the 12 people killed were Iraqi and Afghan militants of the organization who were residing in the base, which is located close to the Iraqi border.The attack came two days after an airstrike in Syria – which was alleged to be carried out by Israel – targeted Syrian defense factories near the northwest city of Masyaf and killed nine.Israel has allegedly conducted a number of airstrikes in recent months as part of its “war between wars” against Iranian forces and militias backed by Iran in Syria. Airstrikes attributed to Israel have targeted dozens of sites belonging to Iran and Iranian-backed forces in recent years.

Tzvi Joffre contributed to this report.

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