US calls for indefinite arms embargo of Iran | Mike Pompeo | US-Iran Conflict

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Written by WION


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  1. U. S. is the greatest terrorist in the world… u.s puts the entire world under their colony to oppress the puppet countries like Phil… oligarks are easily corrupt the wealth of the countrymen… they privatised the public properties as happening in the Phil presently…

  2. AAAAAhhhhhhhhh Jesus H Christ i wish america would just piss off. Sick and tired of hearing them whinging. There no fucking angels themselves either. There's a list as long as my arm with their history fucking up other countries.

  3. Good on Mr Pompeo, an embargo is the only way to save thousands of innocent life's. It doesn't take a genius to work out their intentions all one has to do is listen to these Iranian leaders present and past words of intent.

  4. We lie we steal we cheat.
    The same "intelligence" reports that lead to the invasion of Iraq over Weapons of Mass Destruction?
    Once a wise man said, world's biggest terrorist resides in the White House.

  5. India will back US against Iran, If USA backs India against Pakistan and put sanctions on it for spreading Terrorism around the globe. US calls Pakistan as it's ally when pakistan's own PM Imran khan calls " Osama bin laden" a "Martyr" instead of a Terrorist.

  6. Ich glaube, ihr wollt gar nicht wissen was ich über die UN denke. Nur so viel, ein gutes Haar wäre danach nicht mehr daran.

  7. The U.S is an immoral country that will soon experience the wrath of God. It is written in the Bible and the Americans are making sure to realize the prophecies.
    America is continuing to kill people, during a time of a "global pandemic". America is forcing fetal tissue into people's bodies, and even into their food. America is promoting transgenderism, promoting hormone blockers for children. Americas top ranking politicians are involved in child sex trafficking, with members of "royal" families from other countries. America imprisons children for profit. The United States has pornography as one of its main revenues of profit, not to mention the undeterred military industrial complex that is always looking for another war to wage so they can make more money killing more people.
    America reached it's pinnacle in the 50's and way polluted by the trash it brought from Germany in project paperclip. Those Nazi minded, Nazi trained scientist have destroyed the world and all that is good in it.

  8. Since the Iranian revolution by clerics no country in the world has ever attempted to invade .. over the last 10 years there were no issues other than threats by Iran to other nations in the vicinity ..

    So then why Iran needs military arms ?

  9. USA ripped up the JCPOA in May of 2018 and now wants to have an opinion about it? Im sorry but it doesn’t work that way you whiny entitled American government.

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