US envoy: UN arms embargo on Iran must remain in place

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  1. this is the result of your insane policy over Iran. You are ridiculous and irresponsable withdrawing from the JCPOA condamn the US to marginalise american Diplomacy toward the islamic republic of Iran.

  2. I suggest you take care of America first.
    An absolute shame for the civilised west.
    Homeless People Are Without Toilets and Going in the Streets.

    Abusing elderly patients at Chicago nursing home!

    Last year, Brian Hook also said that Iran's missile capabilities are fake and photoshop. Exactly 30 days before the US drone was targeted by Iran and exactly 6 months before exploding Ayn al-Assad military base .
    Here is not Hollywood Yankee, go_home

  3. What about YOUR weapons? Selling a record for all of mankind for your arms sales to the Saudi Dictatorship? The runner up is the UAE receiving hundreds of billions in American arms. Or giving Israel $4 billion worth of arms every year at the expense of your own taxpayers? Your country has destroyed the Middle East and even then you still will never stop Iran from advancing, protecting ourselves, and protecting our friends. Go back home to America where you belong and mind your own business.

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