US service members injured in Iran bombing l ABC News

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Written by ABC News


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  1. Trump such a liar in everything he says and does. He needs to be jailed for being such a racist individual and pushing racism . Hope all those affected by the missile hit are doing well andfor a speedy recovery. Blessings from a Chilean woman (yes, Trump a Latina), who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 🇨🇱🇨🇦

  2. America on a downfall how we expect to beat other countries when our country itself is divided by race religion and politics and as a "black men" orginal man yhe true name og what i am why would i fight or have love for this country ik my history true history…..

  3. Oops! first Trump lied that US base suffered minimal damage and then Trump lied again when he said no injuries on US troops😂😂😂Me think Amerca is covering up its casualties in order not to look like a joke infront of the world.

  4. I swear tbi is so over stated. We used to get hit up to 4 times a week with ieds or granades or mortars and there was no evacuation. Im sure those 12 members are ok, and boy does the news love to start war. Some people will do this just to get disability money.

  5. The M.I.C. , banks, war profiteers, ammo & weapon factories, coffin builders, war mongers, elitists, mercenaries are all stroking their dicks right about now hoping for a big war to break out.

  6. For all yall saying that trump is a liar shut ya bitch asses up, he said all is well to comfort the people at home in america, he wants to have those soldiers come home from this bullshit iran conflict, stop calling Trump a liar bruh, don't be listening to these idiots deceived by the bullshit media's perspective of why trump is a piece of shit

  7. Asked about the apparent discrepancy, a Defense official told CNN, "That was the commander's assessment at the time. Symptoms emerged days after the fact, and they were treated out of an abundance of caution."

  8. Dear American Leaders
    You have the MOST powerful Military in the world
    Yet you allow ppl threaten and attack you all the time just so you can be politically correct

    If any of these countries were attacked the way you’ve been attacked all these years , they wouldn’t hesitate to respond with fire 🔥

    I know this will sound crazy but please loosen ur boys , take off the chains on ur men n women in uniform, n prepare to respond
    Put fear in ur enemies hearts, so they can understand the slogan “ One Nation Under God “
    Let them feel the Power of the Greatest and the most powerful country of our time
    Let them run back into their huts n caves
    Let them understand, hitting one American means their entire way of life would be changed and controlled

    Let them run to UN for peace talks
    And be willing to take any offer you give them

    You are by far the greatest humanitarian, the greatest country , the supreme power
    Don’t let someone coward you
    Don’t let someone incite fear into your citizens
    Don’t let someone give you sleepless nights

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