Veteran Speaks At "No War On Iran" Rally Los Angeles

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  1. Hmm…
    Chanting "no justice, no peace" at a peace rally?
    Mike Prysner saying that we need to organize against this the way we organized against the Iraq war in 2003. Because that was so effective, and we don't still have troops in Iraq?

  2. Ugh …..I wouldn't trust these guys at the rally with a supervisor position at McDonalds let alone running the country ….look at all the cities and counties ..states even, run by blue politicians smh they are RUN DOWN and sinking… Stop with the idealism please!! Nothing in life is like that.

  3. The people who want war arent

    Insurance and finance companies arent pro war. In general it is a separate and political / military / intelligence establishment which decides.

    There is noone openly 'pushing for war woth Iran', and even ceos of large companies often arent that rich and as a rule tgey might be beutral or opp9se.

    Ofc Koch and Soros consistently very antiwar, starting fund for quincy institute.

    The war with iran isnt a question of

  4. Does this guy have literally any evidence besides trying to spund persuasive that either 'very rich people" or 'business' (particularly those disliked like for-profit health insurance and banking) which are not the same that are 'behind' any of it, either a section representative or not of them or 'all' of them, let alone open 'callimng' for it?

    No. And such a war is not and wpuld not be billed as a war against Iranians, so saying average iranians have more in common etc (its more that they are equally valuable, you gaving more in common with someone doesn't make them more or less bad or allow you to do more or less things to them). The question is exclusively the Iranisn givernment which rukes over them, and it is a gross injstice to identify tge two in fact for any country no matter your position.

    So this is not a counterargument against the mostly phantom calls for war from a small wing or clique in foreign policy, it is an imagined argument agaimst an imagined opponent which replaces actual arguments.

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