Video: Iran police shoot at protesters in Tehran

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Written by Associated Press


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  1. AP is full of sh*t. It wants to propagate an Iranian policeman shooting a protester, but it will never show how the government of Colombia and its military groups killed 16 social leaders in Colombia in 13 days of 2020, right now. AP is BS.

  2. Look!! This is what you get when genocidal tyrants take over your nation.
    "Freedom of speech"? Right to Protest? A bullet to your head.
    The same kind of government that A Socialist Press and your
    DemonicRat government is promoting.

  3. If this was the US they'd be ran over with vehicles and then laws will be passed to protect the drivers. We've all been conditioned to accept police brutality in every possible way and citizens having no rights. Good luck trying to get everybody to suddenly start caring about protesters anywhere on the planet, especially Muslims. I can't be the only one seeing this obvious cognitive dissonance.

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