We Talk With Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad About Coronavirus | VICE on SHOWTIME

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Written by VICE News


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  1. Lol this seems so staged. Why would an apparent auntie Semite be given airtime? Strange me thinks

  2. Hence why we have to evolve into robots eventually but yeah.
    Presently they are breeding our future overlords in a lab like "look at them go",how many new species now?

  3. Everytime I see his face I recall how he said there are no gays in Iran. This guy is a joke. The world is waiting for the younger generation of Iran to rebel against their radical government.
    This interview is going to be very predictable and disappointing, unfortunately.

  4. He is exactly Iranian version of Trump… Talks about things that he doesn't know anything about them and people who doesn't know anything love him…

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