Wion Exclusive: 200 Indian Students stuck in Iran | No food, No facility

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  1. We don't want them do whatever muslim ummah living and suffering for food in Islamic nation
    Meanwhile in india muslims azadi slogans Jinnah wala azadi
    Bharath tukde tukde hoga inshaallah
    Ab daro allah se
    Only Jai sri ram nara can save U

  2. Students studying what, Since one month you what you were doing over there. Since you believe after death great. You should not worry about this situation.

  3. Chinese viruse vs radical islam . Which one is more dangerous for world ? All Sikhs are given citizenship by CAA and NRC bill but people still opposing it now see what's happening with minority in radical Islamist countries like Afghanistan Kabul gurudwara attack'.

  4. I feel ashamed of my country ppl comment not all some who just see religion and comment nonsense on such tragedy time . In Dubai we see human not religion or faith disgusting grow up

  5. All of these look like kashmiri muslims and they don't identify themselves as Indians so now when it's going crazy they are emotionally blackmaing indian government let them be there , they wanted azadi let them have it.

  6. I just have one question, what were you doing all this time… Goverment of Indian had sent multiple Air India flights, issued evacuation warning almost a month ago, where were you then?
    And now you blame the government for incompetance…
    Are you actually Indian national or just Indian origin Iranian ?

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