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Welcome to Diwan Network, a global organization based in Canada dedicated to empowering the Iranian diaspora through unity, collaboration, and positive values. Our mission is to promote human rights, advocate for democratic principles, and build digital public goods that will support research, policy, and development programs aimed at promoting the welfare of the Iranian diaspora community.

Our name, inspired by traditional Diwans, symbolizes our goal of creating a virtual space for pluralistic societies with collective intelligence and democratic decision-making processes. We aim to bring people together to network, learn, collaborate, and achieve common goals, just as the traditional Diwans served as a commons for social gatherings, decision-making, administration of justice, and engagement in public affairs.

Our vision is centered around the idea of “good thoughts, good words, and good deeds” and aligns with the principles of secularism. We envision a world where people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions, and ethnicities come together to achieve common goals based on shared values. Our digital infrastructure provides a platform for community building, networking, and collaboration, supported by educational resources and opportunities for continuous improvement.

At Diwan Network, we recognize the importance of collective action in addressing the challenges facing the Iranian diaspora community. We believe that by promoting unity and collaboration, we can help build a better future for the Iranian diaspora and the communities they are a part of. Our organization is committed to promoting positive values such as tolerance, respect, and inclusion, and we believe that these values are essential in fostering social cohesion and promoting the well-being of the diaspora community.

Our approach to promoting digital democracy encourages individuals and organizations to participate in the governance process in a transparent and accountable manner. We provide lifelong learning opportunities through digital tools and platforms such as online courses and e-learning materials to achieve our objectives. We also build digital public goods such as open-source software, research, and knowledge that can be used and shared by individuals and organizations worldwide.

Diwan Network fosters community development by encouraging members to share their knowledge, resources, and experiences through digital tools and platforms such as social media and online forums. Our approach is based on experimentation, learning, and continuous improvement, and our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to take control of their learning and development.

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