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Is Diwan open to anyone?


Diwan Network is a social enterprise built to empower Iranian diaspora and other marginalized communities. Our mission is to provide a platform for community building, education, and professional development for Iranians and other transnational communities worldwide. We recognize that Iranians face unique challenges, such as immigration and employment, and we aim to provide support and resources to help them overcome these challenges.

However, we welcome anyone from any background to join our network and leverage the resources and services we offer to empower themselves and their communities. Our subscription-based membership model rewards active participation in the network through a credit reward system, where members can earn credits by participating in network activities and use them to access services offered by the network. We believe in an inclusive and diverse community, and we strive to build a network that reflects this.

The word “diwan” has a rich history and has been used in a variety of contexts throughout history. In its most basic sense, diwan refers to a collection of poetry or a register of financial accounts. In medieval times, the diwan was a government office responsible for collecting taxes and managing state finances.

In Persian literature, the diwan was a meeting place where poets and scholars gathered to share their work and engage in intellectual discourse. The works of Rumi, Saadi, Hafez, and Ferdowsi are considered some of the most significant works of Persian literature and were often composed and shared in diwan settings.

The modern Diwan Network takes inspiration from these historical meanings of diwan, bringing people together in virtual spaces to share their talents, ideas, and resources. It also takes inspiration from the historical diwan as a financial register, providing an integrated service for the legal service providers, quadruple helix partnership model for RRI, and a credit reward system for members, making it a self-sustaining ecosystem that empowers its members.

In this way, the Diwan Network modernizes the traditional meaning of diwan and extends its significance into the digital age, preserving the legacy of intellectual discourse and community building while also addressing the needs and challenges of the present day.


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