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Topics: Programs

Citizen Science Programs

January 26, 2023 1
Overview Citizen science is a form of scientific research where members of the public actively participate in the scientific process. This can include collecting, analyzing, or helping design research projects. The importance of citizen science lies in its ability to engage people in scientific ...

Indigenous Knowledge Programs

January 26, 2023 7
Overview Indigenous knowledge refers to the traditional knowledge, skills, practices, and cultural beliefs that have been passed down through generations within a particular community or society. This knowledge is specific to a particular geographic location or culture and is often unique to th...

Reverse Mentorship Programs

January 26, 2023 6
Overview Reverse mentorship is a form of mentorship in which a more experienced or senior individual is mentored by a less experienced or junior individual. The idea behind reverse mentorship is to provide opportunities for learning, growth, and development for both the mentor and the mentee, wh...

Social Enterprise Programs

January 27, 2023 2
Overview A social enterprise is a business model that combines a traditional for-profit enterprise's commercial goals with a nonprofit organization's social and/or environmental goals. Social enterprises aim to generate revenue while addressing social and environmental issues and often reinvest ...

Systems Innovation Programs

January 27, 2023 2
Overview Systems Innovation refers to improving or transforming complex systems, such as economic, social or technological systems. It aims to create new and more effective ways of organizing and managing these systems to better meet the needs of society. This can be achieved by developing new t...

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