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Is Diwan open to anyone?

YES! Diwan Network is a social enterprise built to empower Iranian diaspora and other marginalized communities. Our mission is to provide a platform for community building, education, and professional development for Iranians and other transnational communities worldwide. We recognize that Iranians face unique challenges, such as immigration and employment, and we aim to provide support […]

How can I get involved with Diwan Network?

You can become a member of Diwan Network by subscribing through our website. You can also participate in network activities to earn credits and gain access to services offered. Additionally, you can reach out to us directly to learn more about volunteer and partnership opportunities. As an individual member, you will have access to a […]

What role do government, industry, academia and civil society play in the quadruple helix partnership model for RRI?

Each of the four sectors plays a unique and important role in the quadruple helix partnership model for RRI. Government provides support and regulation, industry drives innovation and economic growth, academia conducts research and development, and civil society promotes social and ethical considerations. Diwan Network provides a platform for individuals and organizations from government, industry, […]

What is the quadruple helix partnership model for RRI?

The Quadruple Helix (QH) partnership model for RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) is a framework for collaboration between government, industry, academia, and civil society to promote innovation and ensure responsible and sustainable outcomes. Diwan Network aims to support the quadruple helix partnership model for RRI by connecting and empowering individuals and organizations from across the […]

How does Diwan Network offer impact certificates?

Diwan Network offers impact certificates through partnerships with various organizations and individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on their communities and the world. These impact certificates are designed to help members of the Iranian diaspora demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact.

How can an impact certificate help me advance in my career?

An impact certificate can help you advance in your career by providing you with the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact on your community or the world. It can also help you stand out to potential employers and help you gain access to new opportunities.

How does Diwan Network offer micro-credentials?

Diwan Network offers micro-credentials through partnerships with various educational institutions and industry experts. These micro-credentials are designed to help members of the Iranian diaspora gain in-demand skills and advance in their careers.

How can micro-credentials help me advance in my career?

Micro-credentials can help you advance in your career by providing you with the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in a specific area, and to acquire new skills that are in demand. They can also be used to supplement a traditional degree, and to help you stand out to potential employers.

What is a micro-credential and how does it differ from a traditional degree?

A micro-credential is a form of digital certification that recognizes an individual’s skills and knowledge in a specific area. Unlike traditional degrees, which often take several years to complete, micro-credentials can be earned in a shorter period of time and are often focused on specific, in-demand skills.

What is the significance of the name Diwan?

The name Diwan has historical significance in Persian culture, where it refers to a gathering place for poets and scholars during the medieval period. The modern version of Diwan Network is inspired by this historical meaning, as it aims to create a virtual space where community members can gather, share ideas, and build a sense […]

How does Diwan Network help transnational communities?

Diwan Network helps transnational communities by providing them with a decentralized ecosystem that allows them to raise funds and govern themselves in a more transparent and democratic manner. The platform also allows community members to participate in decision-making processes and have a say in how their funds are used. Additionally, Diwan Network provides a way […]

How does the Diwan Network help with education, immigration, and employment challenges?

The Diwan Network provides transnational communities with access to integrated services and resources that can be used to support education, immigration, and employment initiatives. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the platform allows for more efficient and effective collaboration and problem-solving among community members and service providers. One of the key features of the Diwan Network […]

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