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Last modified: January 26, 2023
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The Diwan Network is a decentralized platform that empowers transnational communities to build regenerative and resilient funding ecosystems. By joining the Diwan Network, companies can access a range of benefits that are designed to support their growth and success.

The first key value that Diwan Network brings to companies is the Quadruple Helix approach, which is a collaborative and inclusive model of innovation that brings together the traditional stakeholders in an economy (government, industry, academia, and civil society) and involves them in co-creating solutions to societal challenges. By bringing together these diverse perspectives and resources, the Quadruple Helix can help companies to identify and mitigate funding risks and compliance issues, and to develop innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

In addition, Diwan Network supports companies in adopting the Micro Production Model (MPM) which is a new economic model based on small-scale, community-based production. This model empowers local communities to take control of their own economic development and to build more sustainable and resilient economies. MPM is beneficial for companies as it allows them to tap into the resources and expertise of the local community, and to develop products and services that are better suited to the needs of their customers.

Another important aspect of Diwan Network is its focus on governance models that emphasize transparency, accountability, and community participation. Through its governance structure, Diwan Network enables companies to establish transparent and accountable decision-making processes and to involve their stakeholders in the decision-making process. This helps companies to build trust and credibility with their stakeholders and to ensure that their activities are aligned with the values and interests of the community.

To become a member of Diwan Network, companies must align with the values and principles of the network and commit to contributing to the development of a more sustainable and resilient economy. They must also be willing to participate in the network’s decision-making process and to collaborate with other members to achieve the network’s goals. Additionally, companies must be willing to share their resources, expertise, and knowledge with the network, in order to support the growth and success of other members. By joining Diwan Network, companies can gain access to a range of resources and support that can help them to grow and succeed, while also contributing to the development of a more sustainable and resilient global economy.

Joining the Diwan Network can bring a number of benefits related to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values and regulations.

First, the Quadruple Helix approach and the Micro Production Model (MPM) that the network supports, prioritize sustainability and social responsibility by empowering local communities and encouraging collaboration among stakeholders. This can help companies to identify and mitigate risks related to environmental and social impact and to develop more sustainable products and services.

Second, The focus on transparency, accountability and community participation in the governance models of the network can help companies to improve their ESG performance, by ensuring that their activities are aligned with the values and interests of their stakeholders and the community at large. This can also help them to comply with ESG regulations and to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility to their customers and investors.

Third, By joining the Diwan Network, companies can gain access to a range of resources and support that can help them to improve their ESG performance and to comply with ESG regulations. This includes access to expertise and knowledge from other members, as well as access to networks and partnerships that can support the development of more sustainable products and services.

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