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Tracing Literary Threads: Introduction to Iranian/Persian Literary Criticism
Dive into the rich tapestry of Iranian/Persian literary criticism, exploring its historical evolution, defining characteristics, and the myriad influences shaping it. This module sets the stage for a comprehensive understanding of the critical discourse surrounding Persian literary arts. Delve into how cultural, political, and religious landscapes have intertwined with the literary narrative, laying a solid foundation for deeper explorations in subsequent modules.

  • Historical Voyage: Overview of Iranian/Persian Literary Criticism History
  • Defining Discourse: Characteristics of Iranian/Persian Literary Criticism
  • Cultural Canvas: Cultural Influences on Iranian/Persian Literary Criticism
  • Political Prose: Political Influences on Iranian/Persian Literary Criticism
  • Religious Rhetoric: Religious Influences on Iranian/Persian Literary Criticism

Early Elocutions: Early and Medieval Periods
Trace the formative years of Persian literary criticism back to the Achaemenid and Sassanian eras, moving through the Islamic conquest and its transformative impact on Persian literary arts. Explore the blossoming of literary criticism during the early Islamic period, and the medieval epoch’s contribution to evolving genres and criticism techniques. This module provides a lens into how historical and cultural shifts molded Persian literary criticism.

Golden Grammarians: The Golden Age of Persian Literary Criticism
The Golden Age heralded a period of flourishing literary criticism, characterized by pioneering critics and innovative techniques. Delve into the works and contributions of iconic literary figures, exploring the thematic and stylistic elements that defined this era. This module illuminates the rich critical discourse of the Golden Age, laying a foundation for understanding the trajectory of Persian literary criticism.

Diverse Discourses: Later Dynasties and Evolving Styles
Journey through the Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras, each bringing a unique flavor to the Persian literary criticism landscape. Explore the European influences and the modernization of literary criticism during these periods. This module encapsulates the evolving styles and the transition towards modern literary criticism, setting the stage for a deeper understanding of contemporary critical discourse.

Contemporary Critiques: Modern and Contemporary Iranian Literary Criticism
Uncover the genesis and evolution of modern literary criticism in Iran, spotlighting key critics, thematic explorations, and modern criticism techniques. This module delves into the global recognition of Iranian literary criticism, providing a platform to understand the contemporary literary landscape and its alignment with global literary discourses.

Contextual Comprehension: Understanding and Analysis
Embark on a thematic exploration of socio-political narratives, gender representation, and comparative studies with other regional literary criticisms. This module fosters a holistic understanding of the contextual influences on Persian literary criticism, and how historical events have shaped literary narratives over time.

Practical Penmanship: Engagement and Analysis
Immerse in practical engagements with traditional and modern criticism techniques through workshops and field visits. This hands-on module fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Persian literary criticism, facilitating direct interaction and critical discussions on a range of Persian literary works and criticisms.

Discursive Dialogues: Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
Engage in the contemporary discourse surrounding Iranian/Persian literary criticism, exploring current trends, emerging movements, and the global reception of Persian literary discourse. This forward-looking module encourages discussions on contemporary debates and the future of Iranian/Persian literary criticism, providing a platform for students to envisage the trajectory of Persian literary discourse in a global context.

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